Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just see the tags before you decide to read it

*Beware it's a blog with adult content*

I just got done with a shower after a hard afternoon working in the yard. It's so beautiful now, I'm ready to have 50 people come over for a bbq. No, we're not having a bbq. I'm too dang tired.

In the shower, as is the place this always happens, I thought what I would say to my kid, if I had a kid, about sex.

Now let me preface by stating two things.

No, I am not pregnant. Yes, I wish I were.

That second one might be a shock to some of you but I think for the sake of this blog you should just forget I even said that.

So sex. I was a teenager once and so were you, and frankly so were all parents, right? And when we were teenagers we had friends and sometimes even friends of the opposite sex, so we all know what teenagers are like, right? So why is it so hard for parents to understand that telling your kid to, "just say no" isn't enough? Why is telling a teenager to use a condom so wrong?

Let's lay it all out on the table shall we?

When I was a teenager there was no way I was letting my boyfriend get near my who-ha. No way under the blue sky. If you had told me to make him wear a condom I would have listened, packed it away into the information-I-don't-need-right-now-box and saved it for the day when my girl friend told me she was thinking about having sex with her boyfriend.

But that was me. I didn't watch rated R movies, I didn't use the F word, I didn't kiss a boy who wasn't already my boyfriend. I wasn't better than anyone, that was just who I was and I liked me.

But when I got engaged, oh man. When I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams and that he was going to love me forever....well let's just say this 'good girl' had a really difficult f-ing time keeping the gift tied up till the wedding night, a really, really difficult time.

So of course I can imagine what it's like for two young teenagers that swear they're in love and going to stay together forever, or maybe they don't care about keeping their gift packaged up for 'the one'. If they haven't been educated with anything else except for DON'T, well they have sex, without a condom. And sometimes, sometimes they make a baby.

So if I have a daughter she's going to be educated about her cycle and when it's possible for her to get pregnant. And if I have a son, he's going to be educated on a girl's cycle too. But mostly what I'm going to tell him is, even though God gave the woman the gift to carry the child, God gave him the more difficult gift of being able to make a baby any second any day of the week, so wrap it up. Cause if you can make a baby ANYTIME regardless of the day of the month, than honey it's ultimately your responsibility to make sure it doesn't happen.

So now how many of you think I should be a mom, huh?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

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A blog about a video game

So last night after work the moment Andy picked me up we started our date night. He was up for anything so I suggested shopping. It's been ages since we've gone shopping for things on the list, you know the list, the one that isn't things you need, like toilet paper, they are things you want, like a new nike plus sensor.

After I bought a new nike + sensor, we went to Target to get something off the need list, a new french press (yes I need coffee every morning) and we walked out with something off the want list. EA Sports Active for the Wii
I heard about this from someone I work with, not someone from my work, cause I would have just said McKenzie or Jayson, so an associate I guess? Anyways, I thought it would be fun. We haven't splurged on the Wii board yet, maybe after the new one comes out we will. But I thought this would be a nice ease into it sort of thing...

We got home and as the man made dinner, I worked out. With a video game. It was insane. After like 5 minutes I figured out I wasn't dressed appropriately. I didn't bother to put on a sports bra, cause, um, I figured it's not going to be that crazy. Yeah, I was wrong. It was that crazy.

I loved it. Seriously loved it. And today I'm sore, sore from working out with a video game. I seriously can't get over the crazy of that sentence. Beyond that I'll leave you with a number that in the coming weeks and months will only grow bigger. 7

Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's getting real people

It's been one of those weeks. The kind that is full of crazy experiences and emotional moments. In the end, it's good. But that doesn't mean it's easy.

We had an old friend visit all week and in the end it was of course a good thing, but a bit of an emoting drain. More than one dear friend graduated last night from Gutenberg and the emotion last night ran deep with pride and admiration. I finished two major projects this week in the edit room and I couldn't be more exhausted and happy it's Saturday. Like I said, it's been quite the week of emotion.

Thanks to my faithful friends, all those reading and all those that never will. I am a blessed woman, I admit it everyday.

God has been so faithful - and I hate to sound pithy and bland, but you don't know how deep this emotion runs in me and how it means so much more than stark words on a page. I can't express the feelings I have; knowing I don't deserve such grace and faithfulness from One I am never quite faithful enough to, but I am in this moment at peace with that and in a state of acceptance for the grace I've been given.

We're all just surviving, my hope is to learn to do it better and with more grace and love.