Saturday, September 26, 2009

baby blog

*Updated with photos

This is a milestone day. Half way there. Our baby is 19 weeks.

It seemed fitting that I woke up this morning with a lot of big goals to prepare for the little ant. One is the beginning of our baby registry. Since most of the things we're interested we've found online Amazon has actually become a helpful resource. I'm also considering creating a sidebar with links to websites/items we're interested in. Strike that, I just decided that's what I'm going to do. I wonder if FB has anything like this?

And, I'm going to start to put out the call to all my family and friends with children. I love free gifts. Items that are free for you but a gift for me are one of the best things ever. If it's safe for our baby, and we can use it and fit it in our tiny house, then I'll take it. My mom informed me that she'll be driving up to meet her grandbaby so she'll have some room in her vehicle to bring up hand me downs.

In other baby news, I'm hounding Craig's list and Freecycle for items off our wish list too, if you want to in your neck of the woods for me I would love it.

I'm not just searching for things though, I'm searching for advice and I'll most likely start up a series on here called something like 'ask a parent' or something where I'll pose a question to all my parent friends for advice on a subject and inquire with my single friends about annoying or pitfall things to watch out for as we become someone's parents.

We hope to be able to get an ultrasound appointment within the next couple of weeks...anyone local know of an inexpensive, no insurance coverage option?

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

louder than words

After the 5 1/2 weeks of waiting to officially announce to the world (meaning the internet) that we're having a baby, I questioned my reasons again last night and realized that not only was I legitimately waiting to tell friends in person still, but I also had fear ebb and flow through my thoughts.

I wanted to get into my fifth month, to hear the baby's heartbeat and movement in my tummy before fully committing to telling the world. Because a part of me was afraid. Afraid that if we lost this baby like we lost our first son then I would have to make the devastating announcement to the internet...something I didn't have to do eight years ago.

I can't begin to describe the freedom I felt in staring the fear square in the eyes and hitting publish on my last blog. And when we sat in the room with our midwife this morning and heard Baby's heartbeat for the first time, there wasn't the sense of relief that would have been paired if the fear had still been there. Instead there was pure excitement and an overwhelming emotion of love. To share this moment with my husband might just be my favorite memory to date.