Sunday, January 20, 2008

WE'RE not MOVING right now

so a bit of an a clarification of sorts. we haven't bought a house, we're not rushing into it, so don't expect to hear that we're moving next weekend or anything. But the true real news is that we're in the process of realizing that we actually can buy a house. And that is really something I never expected. At least not in this stage of life.

We've looked at a ton of houses and there are a couple of real possibilities, but as of right now, I'm not getting super jazzed about any of them, cause, neither one is ours yet and I don't want to get disappointed if it doesn't work out.

News will continue to follow.

Little Mister is here visiting us, with his kick ass mom and dad, so pictures and more to come.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

fit for a king

Today was a day I never expected to have for a long, long time. We drove around with a Realtor and looked at houses...that were for sale...that we could buy and move in to.

It was weird. Surreal. Unbelievable.

Now, I didn't get my heart set on one or anything, cause that wasn't the point of the driving around and poking around in people's houses. The point was to see what's out there, to envision my future living in a house. And that's what we did.

And then we got a call. From our Realtor. It went a little like this...

"You know that house that was in your price range? Yeah, well the seller's realtor called me and asked if you guys were at all interested. She told me that the sellers are really motivated to sell because....."

It went on with more Realtor talk and fancy industry verbiage, and then she said this, "so I don't want to freak you out, but, do you want to talk about putting in a low offer?"

Wait! On a house! You mean, like to buy it!

So that's where we're at. Talking to a lender in the morning. Thinking about what it would be like, if we should do it, if we could do it. And it's been that kinda day. The kind of day I never thought I'd have.

Monday, January 14, 2008

another birthday means that I'm twenty-err...

This year on January eighth, my mom called me, it was my birthday. And that was it for the phone calls.
sad. right?

Not really. My Andy made the entire week an amazing birthday extravaganza. Every day was another surprise and it was an unbelievable, never ending, gift giving week. I was blown away.

Every other morning, or at night when I would get home from work, there, on my pillow would be a birthday gift surprise. Jewelry, fancy drink ingredients, Ugg gift certificate, a note inviting me on a day of shopping for new running clothes, wii games and on and on and on....

Because my birthday landed on a Tuesday this year, Andy decided to make the Saturday before my birthday, my day long birthday party day. So, on Saturday afternoon, after our day shopping, a group of friends joined us to see Juno. That night we had a small, casual wine, cheese and hors dourves party. Good music, good food, and good friends. A perfect way to begin a new year.

It wasn't over though. On Tuesday, my actual day of birth, I worked half day, went shopping...again with Andy and then he surprised me with a romantic dinner at Soriah's.

And that's a little bit about the day I turned twenty- err...yeah. It's tough to get that number out of my mouth, or type it on the page. Oh well. That's that.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

wait, it's 2008?

I have been somewhat ordered by an anonymous commenter on my blog to "UPDATE!" So here goes.

What have I been up to? What things has life given me to experience? What's new with me?
It seems strange to ask ones self these questions. Egotistical in fact and that isn't something I like, it isn't a characteristic I'd like to embody. But. For lack of not being able to sit down and chat with all the people I would like to, this rambling about myself in the form of a blog is what I've got to do so you all can "know" me and know all about me.

After packing the car and driving, both of us sick and exhausted before we even got to the highway, back to Oregon...oh and I had to post a couple of photos of the "packed car", cause when I say packed...I mean to the brim with no way to lean back the seat or reason to adjust the rear view mirror...cause there's just no way it's going to happen - packed

Christmas I mentioned in a little post and then the strep throat week happened. We enjoyed a subdued ringing in of the new year with a group of good friends.

Things after the midnight moment.

Smooches & happy friends

Drinks are nice, aren't they?

The "before" mug shots.

Boys making a fresh start to the new year.

And the after's...
Joscience & Walterz were baby-faced at the start of '08, I wonder what kind of year that will produce for them?

oh, and then it was my birthday...