Friday, March 20, 2009

Fug Madness Round One Re-cap

I seem to agree with all of humanity. The results are in for round one over on the fug site.

So, to re-cap my Round One first picks are:

Cher Bracket
(1) Aubrey O'Day
(8) Phoebe Price
(12)Lisa Rinna
(4) Sarah Jessica Parker

Bjork Bracket
(6) Paula Abdul
(14)Katie "Jordan" Price
(7) Mary-Kate Olsen
(2) Lady Gaga

Charo Bracket
(9) Lily Allen
(5) Beyonce
(4) Scarlett Johansson

Madonna Bracket
(11)Janet Jackson
(3) Bai Ling
(7) Christina Aguilera
(2) Gwyneth Paltrow

Return for round one's continuation and see who ends up rounding out the top 32. Until then, vote, google people, and enjoy the endorphins rushing through your body that the laughter brings.

Fug Madness Round One, Part Four

Round One Madonna Bracket


My Pick: Janet Jackson
My Reason: I couldn't argue with this:


You'll recognize the link for Rumor from Ashton's fug moment, but this time look at her, not him. I think it's worse this way. Buut, she's young and cute and can pull off many of the looks. As long as nothing's falling down, she's survived moving on another round in my book.

My Pick: Bai Ling
My Reason: I can't imagine there was ever a doubt, Bai Ling is a fashion fan beyond any I've ever seen, cause she wears crazy and she loves every minute of it, with a glove.


My Pick: Christina Aguilera
My Reason: I feel like Christina Aguilera used to have many more moments of fug in years past, and though Jessica Biel didn't attempt to wow us this year, she didn't exactly walk into crazy town and set up a crazy shop that sold crazy while dressing up in craziness (which is how you're gunna win this thing). At least she was a bit glamorous amidst the bizarre. And Christina did this:

Which while I admire that she isn't half naked or showing of bits we don't need to get so personal with, it's still over the top from head to toe or neck to toe and therefore a winner.


My Pick: Gwyneth Paltrow
My Reason: Kristen Stewart may look sad, or mad, or whatever in all her photos, but frankly, she's pretty much adorable and has a good style sense most of the time, but I love Gwyneth, really and at first I couldn't understand why she was in this little game, so I figured I'd vote for Stewart. But glancing through Gwyneth's fug file I realized, something must be going on in fashion in Europe that I'm not privy to, cause there's a whole lot of not a lot of fabric going on over there.

We're on the road up to Portland tomorrow for Science recording excitement. That means I'll be blogging from the road and taking the weekend by storm, including a trip to Ikea and hopefully, new shoes and new spring clothes.

Happy Spring!

Fug Madness Round One, Part Three

I'm a bit behind it seems, and I have a ton of catching up to do. So today's blogs are going to be less link heavy and maybe more on the - only a winner gets a photo - side.
Aaaannd, we're off...

The Charo Bracket: Round One

(1) SWINTON vs. (16) SPEIDI (this link should be enough)

My Reason: It's OBVIOUS

It's just to hard to pick which photo I should put here, this one is tame, yet crazy, so here ya go.


My Pick: Lily Allen
My Reason: Although Charlize came out with some crazy things, she also pulled off some amazing, amazing looks, and even though I'm a huge Lily Allen fan, the attire of this past year left more than a bad taste in my mouth.


My Pick: Beyonce
My Reason: At first Blake vs. Beyonce gave me some trouble, they both wear some crazy things, and they both wear some amazing things that they really pulled off. But, in the end it came down to the alter ego Sasha



My Pick: Scar-Jo
My Reason: I think Amy pulled off most of her outrageous outfits, where as Scarlett did some things that really couldn't be explained. I don't think she last through the next round, but she deserves it way more than Amy Adams. And look at this, it's just sad, so sad.

Um, I'm pretty sure that's exactly what I wore for my 6th grade school photo day...except I had better hair, cause I had bangs, crazy bangs, but trust me my hair was still better.

Coming up next, the Madonna Bracket. I can't wait.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fug Madness Round One, Part Two

That's right it's still round one, don't worry people, you'll get the hang of things soon enough. There are four 'catagories', all contestants were randomly placed in each and against their first opponent. Because let's face it, if you're fug, you're fug no matter who you're up against.
Just as a slight refresher from our first bracket, here's the first round Cher Bracket - as voted by me - winners:
(1)Aubrey O'Day
(8)Phoebe Price
(12)Lisa Rinna
(4)Sarah Jessica Parker

And now on to the second bracket - Round 1 Bjork Bracket


At first I was leaning toward Paula, for beginners there's this:

The outfit she wore to appear on the Letterman show.

But then there's the unfortunate Bea Arthur-esk approach Kate Hudson seems to have taken to fashion this year. I'd like to submit Exhibit A

And this is where I began to enter the land of - I can't decide.

My Pick: Paula Abdul
My Reason: In the end, my final decision took me back to history and the always fantastic displays of fashion crazy we get from Paula Abdul. Kate's still young, this coming year could go either way, we'll just have to wait and see.


My first thought was Katie Holmes doesn't do crazy does she? It's just because she's on stage now. But then I saw an 80's inspired wardrobe appear, twice

My next thought was, who the hell is Katie "Jordan" Price?!?! And then this appeared:

I don't even care why, my thought will always be, no, no, no, no. And there's more, a lot more.

My Pick: Katie "Jordan" Price - whoever she is, on that I'm still not very clear
My Reason: See Above


I am in awe of Mary-Kate

And it just goes on, and on, and on, and on.

But then Miss Underwood shows up and does something like this all in one night.

My Pick: Mary-Kate Olsen
My Reason: It just doesn't stop with her. Ever.

Just google image them. You'll be touched.

Neither of these two wow me, one never wears pants, the other just wears random crazy, trendy fashions.

I really don't think not wearing pants is going to beat SWINTON, not that 'lil 'ol Whitney could ever come close to beating SWINTON, but no pants really isn't that controversial is it? I mean if that's all that you do.

My Pick: Lady Gaga & Whitney Port
My Reason: Cause neither can beat SWINTON and neither feels quite exceptional enough in my mind after what we've been privy to earlier to win. What I'd rather say instead of both is neither - so maybe that's what I'll do, pick neither. I think officially on the site I voted twice. Once for each of em.

Well fashionista fans, that's the end of the Bjork Bracket. Vote and be merry.
Tomorrow after the work day I'll tackle Round One in both the Charo Bracket and in the Madonna Bracket

Fug Madness Part One

So it's March 19th, it is March 19th isn't it? Well, either way, Fug Madness has officially begun and for the record if ever in this post a letter S is missing, do not blame me, the S on the laptop is sticking or something and it's more than angrifying me, it is ruining my WPM average and it sucks.

So back to Fug. It seems Sarah and I are the only two participating, at least she's the only one to comment and say that she is, but I don't care, I'm imagining that all of you are thrilled as punch to participate and enjoy the fun of Fug, voting.

The point of all this, if there is a point, is to vote for the worst, craziest, most outrageous dresser in all of celebritydom, that means they are the most Fug. So in the end...I suppose...we can all have had a good laugh and be happy that at least our fashion sense hasn't left us in close running with any of these unfortunates.

Here's where things stand in my brackets, I'll do a post for each bracket so scroll down, or up. And if you want to play along, just click the links to be taken to the world of Fug and the mayhem that is Fug Madness 2009

(F.Y.I. I tried to link to each person's Fug Archive page, or best outfit for your perusing pleasure. Just click their name, or click on each bracket heading to be taken to the post for each by the Fug girls, you won't be disappointed at their link-splosions either)

Round 1 Cher Bracket


My pick: Aubrey O'Day
My reason: Although I think Estelle could get more play next year if she stays on the scene, this time around Aubrey was crazy all the time and those times were often. Also Shin Guards:

Vote For Your Picks:


My pick: Phoebe Price
My reason: Although Kim Kardashian had some crazy accessories and some even crazier shoulder pads in an outfit, for the most part her style is decent and all her bits are covered in a classy way. The same can not be said about Phoebe Price. Case in point:

(5) MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL vs. (12) LISA RINNA (this link may prove to have too many other Fug Celebrities mixed in, for the best of the best or if you're not into searching, see my links below instead)

Let me say that although this was not a tough pick for me, some may look at Maggie's choices and wonder if Lisa Rinna was really worse. Let me take this opportunity to state that it seems like my fug taste can accept more eclectic choices over more skanky choices, but that's just me, maybe your opinion is swayed by the former.

My Pick: Lisa Rinna
My Reason: Is in two parts. Part One. Part Two.

The fug girls give this as their comparative element, which if this is all we had to judge on it would be an easy win for SJP.

I tend to think that man scruff is in no way comparable to some of the fashion choices SJP has made over the past year, but gross man facial hair is quite distracting to my focus on a good man-fit (like an outfit for a man) making this one bracket the toughest for me. But I like to not judge on one moment, but rather on one's history, so I went to the archives.

My Pick: SJP
My Reason: When it came down to it, looking back over each of their collective history this year, even though Rumor Willis inched her way into Ashton's fug memory book and his scruff made such an impact, his style isn't bad, I think in fact that I like it, a lot. Crazy head ware aside (crazy for the occasion on his part and just plain crazy on her part), and even with Rumor's help, nothing could push Ashton ahead of SJP after I took a little trip down memory lane and was reminded of SJP in all her hoofed glory.
Gaze upon this (and click the 'hoofed' link for the close up):

So that's Round One and my moment of parting with reality for a little fug fun. Hope you'll stay tuned and vote in the polls cause it's a nice waste of time and we're just getting started.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Who Wants to Gamble?

Go to the Fug site and download the bracket and get ready to fight it out with me.
Let's chat about throwing in a dolla or two and make a night out of it er, a week out of it. I don't even know how this thing fully works yet, but it begins March 19th so get on it. I'm counting on you to make me have a life over here.
Do it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

An instant opinion

We just finished watching Ratatouille winner of the Oscar for Best Animated Film (2007), for the first time. Let me begin by stating that Patton Oswalt as the voice of "little chef" (the rat) was awesome. Cause I like, like Patton Oswalt, and it's the same director as the Incredibles (which I like, liked). And, with a supporting cast including Ian Holm, Peter O'Toole, Brad Garrett, Janeane Garofalo and my favorite and yours, Will Arnett you'd think I'd do nothing but rave about this film. But besides the scene when the troops of rats exit the dish washing steamer thing all fresh and clean and ready to cook, the rest of the time the rats did not much else but disgust me. And for most of the movie, surprisingly, this happened often, the rats and the disgust.

Any amount of vermin in any size space is gross. But all falling from the broken ceiling of a little old lady's house or scampering across the kitchen floor toward the fridge - among countless other scenes of mass ratness - is more than I want to witness in one hundred eleven minutes. I was grossed out more than anything and for me, movies aren't for grossing me out, I'm not a horror fan for that very reason, and so, sadly, I think I wholeheartedly disagree with the Academy. I know. Shocking.

So people did it change things for you seeing it with kids? Or if you saw it without kids, what did you think?

There's a first time for everything and this is one of them

It's time to share one of my new favorite things.

It's begining to look a lot like...

Spring. Sorry to throw you off if you were singing a little tune and said "Christmas" there instead of Spring, but, you know...Although it's freezing out, our first bulbs are sprouting, rain is piling up all around the yard in happy little puddles, the neighbors cat is pregnant, and it's just about Spring, so it seemed more appropriate even though the house across the street still has big twinkly snowflake lights hung above the garage door.

Things I'm doing with my time on a Sunday:
1. I spent a good 25 minutes going back and forth with KiKi, drying her off in between spurts of her cleaning herself, after she spent a good couple of hours out in the downpour this morning.
2. I made eggs in toast. Yes, eggs in toast. It's when you cut a rectangle out of the middle of a piece of bread (in our case Ezekiel), butter a pan, toss in the bread, then crack an egg in the hole and let it cook.
3. I watched 'My kid could paint that' a documentary about Marla Olmstead, the now 9 year old child painter.
4. Since I cleaned the kitchen yesterday, and I mean cleaned it, including the inside of the oven and the top of the grates with scouring and much elbow effort, I cleaned the stove top again this morning after cooking breakfast, just so I could bask it it's perfect cleanliness a little longer.
5. I'm reading a book that my mom sent me. It's not really my normal style of reading material, but it's cold outside and it's nice to have a good reason to sit on the couch with a warm blanket and KiKi on my lap that isn't like 'wasting time' doing nothing.
6. After I hit Publish Post I'm getting up and finishing the cleaning of the house, which includes the bathroom and the mess of an area we call the 'dining table' most of the time, but that right now would be more appropriately titled the 'junk table'.

We've watched a few movies I'd like to comment about (Revolver included Mrs. Culver), and I still have to download all the photos from my camera (including Little Mister and his baby brother) and mention a few of the events that have happened over the past couple of months (Science shows, travels with work etc). But for now, deal with the list above and check your google reader or whatever soon to catch up with what's been going on in my head.

Friday, March 13, 2009

They said there'd be days like this,
but months?! Come on now...

February went like this:

1. 18 days home, 10 days on the road
2. Valentines day, me at home, him on the road
3. Number of phone calls or celebrations attended (not including fb) for 9 Family and Friend birthdays
4. Cities I slept in, Eugene, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle
5. Number of Days I was sick
6. Number of holiday's in the month - minus one (come on, this thing started off totally random until I realized the numbers were correlating with the list- this one's just to get us to #7)
7. Amount of deadlines on average I had each week this month at work.

I'm undecided yet if I'm happy that it's now March, cause as things stand right now, I don't think anything's slowing down.
Andy's already fulfilled #5 on his own for March.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Half way to good

I should be doing something else. But this seems more enjoyable.

Things I should be doing right now:

1. Starting the laundry
2. Unpacking from my last trip
3. Cleaning the bathroom
4. Starting dinner
5. Cleaning up the Living room, which mostly means the dining table
6. Yard work
7. Organizing the house
8. Preparing Craig's List ads for stuff we need to get rid of
9. Going through my clothes since I'm going to go buy more since I don't think I have anything to wear, I should really make that statement legit by getting rid of things I really don't wear.
10. Organizing/Cleaning the garage - it doesn't seem like I should do this alone though...
11. Cleaning the kitchen
12. Getting all our stuff ready for taxes

Things I am doing:

1. Reveling in the fact that I fixed the kitchen faucet all by myself (Last time I needed help just to finish the basic job. This time I had to take the whole thing apart again and add grease to the gaskets so the spout would turn side to side without needing the winner from this year's Mister Universe's help.)
B. Procrastinating by writing a blog, duh.

The good thing about a procrastination list is that it can very easily become a handy To Do List. So props to that. What are you procrastinating from as you read this blog?

I swear I believe things will get better

1. This American Life is amazing Episode #375 'Bad Bank' is all about the Bank Crisis. Check it out.

2. The weather thwarted my yard work plans. Oh darn.

3. I bought the wrong stuff to finish fixing the faucet. The grease will corrode the gaskets and that's so not what I want to do.

4. I met the little Mister's little brother, baby M. Photos to come

5. Tom Waits Tribute night is officially over and a success.

6. I'm trying to make up for all the time away from my home by cleaning and fixing and doing yard work today. We shall see...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Heroic Science.: 10th Annual Tom Waits night In Portland, Saturday March 7th

Heroic Science.: 10th Annual Tom Waits night Saturday March 7th

The tribute night is coming to Portland, tonight! Call or text me or him if you want info.

The best medicine

Don't worry. Andy's working on the coffee.

I just spent a glorious morning over on my friend Flo's blog, and although I recommend you check out all her songs and how and why she wrote them, I suggest you take a moment right now and listen to Irrational Fears.

If you're at all like the two people living in this house you'll be singing the first chorus all over town, "I will not be pistol whipped"
Yeah. Check it out.

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!

Sunday Laundry Shirt Dress GIVEAWAY!!!!

I'm posting this link in hopes of winning and giving it to my friend who would look amazing in it. Finger's crossed.

I want coffee

What's new?

1. I returned home from Seattle and Portland, the shoots were mostly a success
2. Three jobs we had bid on came back, approved, it's gunna stay busy
3. Some guy is coming by the house today to give us a bid to paint it
4. Hopefully by summer we'll be able to get the house new windows. The ones we've got now have broken seals and don't do their job so well.
5. Our friends just had their baby and I can't wait to meet him and introduce him to the world. (History dictates they make good looking babies.)
6. We had a date day yesterday...all day, on a friday. It included Watchmen, Vietnam Restaurant, and new shoes.

What's new with you? Add something to my list in the comments. I miss you people.