Tuesday, September 30, 2008

it's about time we shared the good news.

In case you can't tell, I'll fill you in. Andy's holding the title to his new motorcycle and a temporary motorcycle license. Yeah. He's stoked.

Monday, September 29, 2008

it feels like Monday

This past week was an accomplishment. Work outs everyday. Leaving work at a reasonable hour of the early evening. And, well the whole roof being fixed before the rain thing.

It just after the first of the new week's workout, always the toughest for me, and I'm feeling just a tad defeated. My legs don't like me in the morning. They like laying flat in bed until waaay after 7am. And now? Well, now they don't hate me too much.

Thursday I broke out the Billy Blanks Taebo, thought I'd share him in all his blue spandex glory. Words just don't do it justice. Enjoy.

Running Tally:
Total Walk/Run: 3.5 hours
Weights/Strength Training: 2.0 hour
Miles: n/a

Sunday, September 28, 2008

a conversation with friends across the internets

So I've read a few blog responses and talked with a few different groups of people about the debates and I have to say, I'm wondering what "older" America is thinking, cause it seems pretty clear what "younger" America is saying.

McCain has a huge distaste for Obama. It's like he's thinking, "why again do I have to *BIG AIR QUOTES* "debate" this kid? He's never been a POW, he's barely a Senator, he is pretty good looking *don't look at Obama, don't look at Obama, don't look at Obama*, but besides that, if this kid wins the presidency like it's a popularity contest I'm gunna raise hell."

McCain won't respond to Obama. He won't look at Obama. He won't talk to Obama. He won't even call him Barack, even though he was asked time and time again to "respond to Senator Obama", "talk to Senator Obama". It was sad. Even shaking his hand at the end of the debate, which to me it seemed like Obama was chasing McCain down to shake his hand, even then good 'ol boy McCain can't look at him.
Josh Marshall, Talking Points Memo "McCain [had] that sneer and there did seem to be this thing where he was so contemptuous and angry at Obama that he couldn't get himself to make eye contact. I think we'll hear more about that."

Obama came out punching when it came to foreign policy...
Kos, Daily Kos "Obama fought back by speaking at length on every issue, aided by a format that allowed him to speak beyond 30 second sound bites, and he name dropped countries and foreign leaders by the bucketful, to underscore the fact that he knows what he's talking about. It was very effective."

And, can I add, my complete shock when Obama spoke in regards to Osama Bin Ladin? He stated very matter of fact that we need to "capture and kill" him. Did this surprise anyone else? I was like, oh shit, this guy means business. Coming from Obama, who I admit seems meek and well mannered most of the time, kill was a powerful, weighted word. He wasn't saying it lightly, he was eliciting his complete composure and ability to be Commander in Chief.

I like Andy F's post about the debate a lot. He brought up a ton of the same points I've been making or hearing.

I agree, it does matter if going to war in Iraq in the first place mattered or not. But I equally care about what we are going to do about it now that we're there. And one thing I'm seriously pissed off about in regards to both candidates is their responses to the opening questions regarding the mortgage crisis and proposed bail out. They both suck. Neither of them answered the questions. Neither of them provided a solid solution that wasn't, ya, let's bail them out. They eventually talked about responsibility and accountability, but beyond that...it feels like as Americans we still won't have a say in what the government decides to do with our money.

My favorite was McCain freaking out about Obama parsing words...isn't that what makes a great debater? No, I'm not going to just assume we both know what the other person means by that. I'm going to point out the definition, clarify, question your use of terms, PARSE WORDS!
This leads me to the thought...I'd like to know Josh's take on the debates. He's such a smarty pants (in a good way.)

Figure it out for you and check some facts:

Fact Check
PolitiFact, The attack review
Snopes, Politics

When our choice was McCain or Obama, I thought, well, I spose either way I'll be fine. But now that the Vice Presidential candidates have been announced? Well. My thoughts have changed. I'm kind of at a loss. I'm "undecided" a bit.

Now at first I thought Palin's a lady and that should mean something. I mean, seriously, it's about time that gender or race don't matter in the most melting pot country around! But now I wonder, is she just a pretty face?

In hearing more about her, listening to her respond to questions? Well, honestly, I wonder at this point what T.J. thinks.

Here's one interview out of the gazillion I could have posted.

This may be a bunch of ramblings. But I'd like people to think for a bit and care, especially you younger Americans, cause it matters ...and don't any of you miss the Vice Presidential debates, this one's going to go down in the record books. I don't know what for yet, but something's going down...I can feel it.

And one last thing...I linked to both Obama's and McCain's prez websites. I have my opinions, or gut reactions, but I'll refrain for now.

Check them out, and I'd love to hear what people think of them, side by side, as it were.

It's all fun and games until someone becomes the President.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

before you think too much about it

The sun was out in force, well, it was out with as much force as it could muster on a late September day in Oregon, and in remembering this thing I wanted to mention, I begin to have thoughts that will make some cringe (mrs. french).

I have an amazing husband.

There are a few things in life that scare me. Irrational fears, I like to call them, things I try very hard to overcome.

1. heights - now some would say this isn't an irrational fear, but rather clear headed, very rational thinking. After all, climbing up onto something for any reason creates the potential result of death.

2. self-conscious and shy around new people - this always works out in the end where people end up thinking I'm stuck up because I don't talk to them...this one I've been working on for a very long time. I'm working on stopping the wallflower tendency, asking people questions, and introducing myself when I don't know someone. I used to have the thought that if I introduced myself to people it was like I was saying, "hi, I'm Meg, you need to know me." Which I have been informed multiple times, is never the thought on someone's mind.

My job has helped tremendously in this, it's my job to introduce myself to everyone on set. Get to know them, make them feel at ease before the camera turns on.

But onto #1. Heights. I'm not a fan. So when Andy planned to get on the roof to patch the leaky holes before the weather hits us full force, well...you can imagine my happiness when he followed it up with calling Josiah and working on it with him while I was at work.

They ran out of tar the first day, so he finished the second half on friday, and even though I was home in the afternoon, he finished it on his own and I don't think once thought of asking for my help. He's rad.

Oh. And it's the garage roof that leaked, not the house. And it may not seem high to some, but for me, this just isn't the place I'd want to be.

Also. Welcome home german travelers. We missed you. Thanks for coming by and hanging out. Do it more.

Friday, September 26, 2008

it's like she's never satisfied

it finally happened. I own an iphone...again.
I wish I could say I was in heaven right now, but alas, it seems that AT&T might have the corner on the iphone purchasing market, but they suck at network function for the bazillion iphone users they've now acquired on their network. I'm still getting dropped calls, or network failures...but I'm also walking around with technology from the future!
So. I can't say I'm entirely bummed. And all for free, which makes me super happy.

Get ready for posts from the road, photos of all things around me, and a new improved organized life. Seriously, I can't believe I had one and then lived without it for all those months.

Just watched the debates. I can't wait for November.

I read Josh's post on the bail outs and I loved everything he wrote and it now gives me the freedom to link to his post "How to Solve Problems" as a point of reference for my following comments, I think this country is F*CKED if the government thinks it can just walk around and hand out money to corporations that made poor decisions and gambled with money they didn't have without asking the American people -who's money they're giving away - what they think about it.

And. I miss my friends. They're far away it seems.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Musing

Don't worry, I'm not going to call it that every Monday. But I am going to try to post on Monday mornings, or more likely Sunday nights on how things are going in the exercising and eating healthy department. Again. Not as accountability, cause you all are terrible about being consistent, but more as a motivation for myself.

Most of the time, I think discouragement comes from the fact that the only thing you have to show for all the hard work you've put in is like 4 or 5 lbs...and after a month, that's tough. So I think if I do a little, here's the workouts I did, or here's the miles I ran...that after a month or two or six, it will become something...like a pie chart...I'm excited, and I don't even like pie.

We're also working in the yard most days after work and at least one day on the weekend, but I'm not counting that as a "workout" although most days it totally is. Those I'm just considering bonus calorie burning moments.

So. This morning we did a walk/run. 4 minute walk to 1 minute run for 30 minutes
And the last one we did a 3 minute run, 2 minute walk. It felt good. My legs felt strong, it wasn't hard. It was easy, and my body remembers what it was like to build strength bit by bit until running was fun and second nature. I'm excited to run longer, further, faster, better.

Tonight I rode my noped (that's what it's called apparently, a noped, it made Josiah happy anyway) to the store and bought some locally grown veggies and shrimp. Andy's making us sprouted wheat pasta (half a serving each), a chicken a shrimp mix slowly sauted in garlic, basil, and onion and homemade sauce with broccoli, squash, zucchini, and sundried tomatoes...it smells soooo good in here.

Running Tally:
Total Walk/Run: 2.0 hours
Weights/Strength Training: 1.0 hour
Miles: n/a

We're being happy together...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

no one ever said they would tell the truth

I won't repeat everything said in this blog, but I will show you the video that started the high fructose conversation that I'd like to keep going.

And I'd like to direct your attention to this awesome site

Now that you're up to speed...firstly, we don't watch tv, so I had no idea this was going on in the advertising world. But what this got me thinking about was the small changes we're trying to make in our house.

And I thought this was a good opportunity to get into what I talked about in this previous post. We've cut out high fructose corn syrup, all refined sugar and flour from our diet. We're committed to getting up early every morning to work out. Walk/runs and strength training to start...and eventually working back into running and full weight training. I know it will be a process. It always is and I always get discouraged because it doesn't happen easy for us. Nothing "melts off before your eyes"

A long time ago, I messed up my metabolism to the degree that my body has a very hard time letting go of the stored fat...ever. But as discouraged as I've been in the past, this time...it isn't "different" that's lame. This time, it's like I don't care about losing weight.

We cut out the bad stuff a few months ago. Not being strict if we went out to eat, but never buying anything with hfcs, eating alot of fresh fruit and veggies and keeping the refined stuff (flour) to only once a week if at all. I got off birth control, getting rid of false hormones in my body - that's a whole other post though. And then a week or two ago, we committed to the working out thing, and I decided to not drink alcohol at all during the week.

I feel. Good. I'm sleeping, but more than that, I'm dreaming again which hasn't happened in a very long time. I don't think I'm losing any weight. But it's alright. I feel better, and better everyday.

I'm telling you all this, not because I want the accountability, it's not like you're going to check up on me or anything. I guess I just want to say it out loud. I'm not happy with the weight I am. I know there are things I did that f**ked it up a long time ago, and I know that I'm an adult and it's my responsibility to care what I put into my body.

Of course I want to lose weight, who wouldn't? But not to be skinny or gorgeous. I want to feel energized, enjoy life, live longer, being healthy is what's important. It's not a fad. It's a way of life. Cheesy, I know. But honestly. That's what I want. To live a better life.

And also. I want to be lovely. Just lovely.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

oops. I totally bought a scooter.

Or is it a moped? Well, either way, that's right, it's true. Here's my new scooter-like bike.

The crazy thing. Well, alright there are a ton of crazy things about it, but the first is that it isn't really a scooter, and it isn't a moped. I can't actually figure out how to define it. That my friends is where you all come in. First some facts.

This yellow one to the right is a "true" moped. And as you can see, mine looks like a moped. Many people say the term Moped came from the combination of Motor and Pedal, but others say it's derived from "motor velociped", as Velocipede is an obsolete term for bicycle. But alas. Mine doesn't have pedals, and so die hard moped riders (Josiah) are going to scorn me if I show up to a moped rally.

This (red) is the Honda Spree, called a moped by most, but I don't see pedals...this of course confuses me even more. It's a classic sure, but no pedals and we're still calling it a moped? Come ON!

Traditional scooters have a footboard, think Vespa, but mine doesn't so therefore it isn't actually a scooter either.

As far as I can tell from Wikipedia it may be a "scooter motorcycle", do to the fact that it's a "step through" design, without a footboard, aaannd without pedals. Except that even on wikipedia under scooter motorcycles, they show vespa's with footboards! And anyways that's too long to say all the stinking time, so I'm looking for help in determining a new term to describe what I've got. Or heck! Just help me figure out what it is already. The internet is like zero help. Any ideas?

Now for the story ...We woke up late this morning and I checked my email to discover that a scooter we had thought sold yesterday (my hopes were dashed) was still available...it ended up we thought two guys we had been talking to were one in the same (one we spoke to on the phone, the other was through email) and they were both selling blue scooters...except that one had sold his and the other just got back to me that he hadn't yet...thanks Mike!

We spent all morning driving to and fro across town (there was a football game so we had to go around downtown in a huge circle as to not get stuck on the bridge sitting in traffic), borrowed a friend's jeep to transport it, and finally arrived home around 1 something the proud owners of a...mopter, no, a er...scooped...or perhaps it's a scmoopter??? I don't know?!?

I'm happy either way.

Tomorrow, the Jo-science will help me reconnect the blinker wires, I'll get new mirrors and a helmet and then Monday I'll register it and get the tags up to date...then I'll be cruisin around town, to and fro from home to work and back again with the wind in my hair and freedom under my wings.

Thanks Bo. You're the greatest ever.

Monday, September 15, 2008

give and get.

The reason we moved here, the reason we stayed, the family we've created, the legacy we hope to nurture, the scholarly community we support...Gutenberg.

The 2nd annual Gutenberg College Auction is taking place online and in person. So, if you're an out of towner, check out this link to the Gutenberg Online Auction.

The bidding has begun, and with donations from American Eagle and DKNY, to symphony tickets and a 5 day 4 night vacation in Cancun, there's something for everyone. Spread the word, tell a friend, support the students of Gutenberg.

The online auction is open until October 9th, 3:00PM PST, with new items being added weekly, check it out now and until the closing bell rings. And, if you're in the neighborhood, head over to Oktoberfuss 2008 for the live auction October 10th and 11th

Thursday, September 11, 2008

boys i love.

Just wanted to say it out loud.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

(not the book, although it seems about time for another book review on this blog.)

my phone dies. when i open it. when i close it. when i push a button. when it rings. while i'm dialing. when i'm talking.

i'm ready for a new phone.
i want this one.

I know what you're thinking. Extravagant. Overpriced. All you need is something that calls another person. You don't need that. Well. In fact. You would be wrong. I do need it. You see, for two beautiful weeks...I had that phone, well. Not exactly that phone, the last version, at a higher price, and slower speed (or so they say) but it was the higher price that made me take. it. back.
And when I had it, well, I loved it. I used every feature all the freaking time and it made life out of the office when we were on location so much easier. People could actually get a hold of me, during work hours. It was heavenly.

And Yes. I took it back...and now...over 3 months later...it is so close, it is within reach...I can almost buy it...and be fully reimbursed by a lovely thing we like to call a telecommunications grant.

my job is sick. (in a good way, if that wasn't clear by the earlier link to this, oh and the fact that I don't have to pay for it.) Sick. (still in a good way)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

a moment

I've been known to be honest, completely honest, venerable even in the words on my blog, and I've also been accused of being overly romantic, sentimental, indulgent only in the good and perfect things. This is something I'd like to respond to.

I will never use this as a forum to discuss a fight I've had. A lesson learned after the fact, yes. But never during the hurt, or frustration will I ever come to the blog to find some sort of relief in complaining about my woes. It's not about "airing dirty laundry", I'm all for learning and growing and sharing. I'm just not about to bad mouth my husband, or my friends to the blogworld. I don't think it's right.

So. I will write about the goodness in life. (I've also been accused of being to negative, so being positive and glass half full is a stretch for me and something I think will end up making me a better human all around.)

I will share my joy. My elation. My adventures. And I will sometimes, now share what pitfalls we've had, and how we came out them and the pain we've had, because I'm not afraid of real life, I never have been, I just hadn't yet discovered the way to talk about it while still honoring my relationships.

A friend of mine has a blog entitled, "Becoming" and I think that's the stage I'm realizing I'm in and I think it's high time I share it....cause I know you're all dying to know. *wink, wink*

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

free food.

Whoever thought that buying a house would get us free food? Here's the picture book of how it all came to be.

It all began when a visitor landed on our couch, that we quickly turned into a comfy bed...more on her later, cause she had a super special day while visiting (her birthday!)

Which led to the great harvest of our apple tree. We think we've scored a Gravenstein Apple Tree and so we had quite the adventure gathering our plunder.

And not to be forgotten are the two pear trees that have just started to produce edible treats...

So. Of course, after the picking and the washing, came the peeling, and the cutting, and the boiling. We added the juice of one small lemon and a cup of water per pot.

To the second batch we added about 5 TBS of honey

and a few shakes of cinnamon

We filled all the containers I could find with three types of applesauce, plain (just the tad bit of lemon juice and water), honey and cinnamon, and the final was a glorious pear-applesauce (a bit of honey right at the end.) Each pot boiled for about ten minutes and whalla. Applesauce for everyone!

Not to be outdone, the dessert apples squealed with glea as they became a part of the famous apple crisps recipe. Which I am proud to say, because of our glorious apples, I only used an eighth of a cup of brown sugar in the topping and no other sugar or honey or anything...these apples are heavenly.

The apples have a coating of fresh lemon juice, cinnamon, and wheat flour

The topping includes oats, wheat germ, whole wheat flour, a bit of brown sugar and butter.

Piled high, apple juice (unfiltered cider is best) to cover dish a 1/2 inch high. and....bake.

After that...fresh pasta (no I didn't make it), fresh veggies and a blend of shrimp, calamari rings, and scallops in a slow cooked mushroom cream sauce (I used coconut milk instead of cream and parmesan rind to thicken, no one noticed it wasn't heavy cream...it was soo good.)

Two of our dearest friends (they're both family in ways completely different from one another)

A perfect end to a perfect day. Hot out of the oven. Sweet goodness.