Sunday, November 22, 2009 back

My SILsin (sister-in-law/cousin) has re-emerged into the blogworld, with her first post back titled, Hello again creepy internet world on her blog Honestly. She's got a few things going for her that makes her blog an entertaining read, one of which is her honesty, the other which I'm partial to are her gorgeous daughters, and another is her updates on my cousin and his band Lakes.

I don't know what her focus will be, but check out her archives to see a bit of what you may be in for if you become a regular reader. And if she ever does have a lull in posting, the archives should keep you busy for some time.
The end.

A snapshot at the first half

Facts about this whole pregnancy thing (about mine, not in general)

1. My daily calorie intake increased dramatically when I found out I was pregnant - from 1100/1200 to 1800/1900

2. I haven't had alcohol since 2 weeks prior to getting pregnant

3. I weened myself off full caff coffee straight away, and multiple cups in a day, to a single half caff cup each morning.

4. I've been taking prenatal vitamins and fish oil for over a year now and last week added in extra magnesium, D vitamin, cod liver oil, and vitamin C

5. I've been off high-fructose corn syrup and refined anything (excluding the occasional splurge) for almost the same year

6. I drink raw milk and eat farm fresh eggs

7. Since getting pregnant I've added beef to my diet. (All our meat is hormone and additive free)

8. I stopped wearing shoes with heels and discovered two things: all my pants are way to long and everyone else is much taller than I realized.

9. I brought the nightly walk back into my life.

10. My metabolism increased to the degree that I lost almost 20 lbs, I didn't have any morning sickness that led to throwing up at all, and just 2 weeks ago (at 21 weeks) finally started gaining weight again.

23 weeks and still counting