Sunday, November 22, 2009

A snapshot at the first half

Facts about this whole pregnancy thing (about mine, not in general)

1. My daily calorie intake increased dramatically when I found out I was pregnant - from 1100/1200 to 1800/1900

2. I haven't had alcohol since 2 weeks prior to getting pregnant

3. I weened myself off full caff coffee straight away, and multiple cups in a day, to a single half caff cup each morning.

4. I've been taking prenatal vitamins and fish oil for over a year now and last week added in extra magnesium, D vitamin, cod liver oil, and vitamin C

5. I've been off high-fructose corn syrup and refined anything (excluding the occasional splurge) for almost the same year

6. I drink raw milk and eat farm fresh eggs

7. Since getting pregnant I've added beef to my diet. (All our meat is hormone and additive free)

8. I stopped wearing shoes with heels and discovered two things: all my pants are way to long and everyone else is much taller than I realized.

9. I brought the nightly walk back into my life.

10. My metabolism increased to the degree that I lost almost 20 lbs, I didn't have any morning sickness that led to throwing up at all, and just 2 weeks ago (at 21 weeks) finally started gaining weight again.

23 weeks and still counting


Melanie said...

Very cute pic!

Wow - that is a huge calorie change! I wouldn't have guessed there would be that much of an increase.

meg said...

well I was on a restrictive diet to loose weight before I found out I was pregnant, so part of that increase is me getting back up to the normal range and then the other is the fact that I eat every couple of hours and fruit and milk are 'expensive' in the calorie department :-)

teal! said...

looking good meg! glad things are going well =)!

meg said...

aw hi Teal! long time no see. Thanks for the lovely encouragement. How are things in your neck of the woods?