Thursday, April 26, 2007

Animal Farm

written by George Orwell

Of course I've read "Animal Farm", in fact it was in college (yes I went to college). But the problem was, when Andy (yes, again with the husband) began telling me about the correlation between Animal Farm and the Soviet communist party, well, I thought secretly "what?!?" I didn't mention anything about it, and since he was reading it at the time I couldn't pick it up (sharing a book is annoying). So when I saw it on the bookshelf years later I silently picked it up and read through it in a couple of days (it's short people, only 144 pages). My Literature course in college apparently sucked, because reading "Animal Farm" again with gutenbergians at my disposal was an entirely different experience.

And by the way, also thanks to the Gute, I now read introductions, prefaces, and the like, from now on I'll have a clue, even if no one tells me a thing.

"Animal Farm's" historically driven concepts push the novel beyond a simple story and I can't stand the knowledge gained from a work like this. Not only is the writing smart and informed, but, the story is just plain great and I can't get enough.

I just want to say "thank you" to Gutenberg and all the people that go with her. It may take me more than four years, but I think it's better this way. I am learning, little by little, piece by piece, one book at a time and I love it.


elixir said...

This IS a delightful book. I read it in 9th grade and had NO idea how much it held until Gutenberg.
I think it's really neat how much Gutenberg can effect the spouses of students as well as the students. I guess it makes sense since most of the marriages I've seen at Gutenberg truly involve people striving to "become one" and as Gutenberg undoubtedly shapes who the student is and how he/she looks at the world, how could it not effect the other partner?
I am excited you are getting to take some classes. You have much to contribute to the conversation, and I am also glad we get to hear a little bit of that here through your blog.
Moving tomorrow, and then I swear I am going to find the time to write you a good long email. Love, me

sufferingsummer said...

right there with you Meg! (and Marianne, I had no idea the depth of this little highschool read of mine!)
oh and I second the thanks to Gutenberg it has truly changed my life as well as my husband's....Meg are you attending classes now?

Andy said...

Man, I wanted to put a handy link to your blog on our site, but it doesn't look like our software is having any of that. Time to hunt some more skins I think.

Anonymous said...

atta girl! your lady