Wednesday, May 30, 2007

goodness of life

I'm a california girl. Not a valley girl. Not a North Hollywood girl. Not a Rodeo Drive girl. Not a beach girl. I grew up there. I fell in love there. I got married there. I experienced tragedy and suffering there. I learned about life there. I'm just a girl from california. I'd wear flip flops no matter what the weather. (Yes, I even wore them around town in the snow.) I never expected to leave california really. But when we did, I didn't mind.

This past week, on a walk in our secret place, Andy picked me a California Poppy. Had we been two kids on a walk in California this would have been against the law. For those of you that aren't making the connection...In California, the state flower is the California Poppy.*

And thus, picking a Poppy is a California.

He picked it, not because it wasn't a crime (cause he picked them for me when we lived in California too, I know, he's such a criminal) but because I'm his california girl. And just so you know, I like it that way.

*Special Note to Readers: The fact that the California Poppy is California's State Flower may seem obvious to some, but I didn't know until last week what Oregon's state flower was, it's the Oregon Grape for those that care.

May is my month for many reasons. Since living in Oregon, I think it has gained in superiority to all the other months. It still rains. The sun comes out. The evenings are perfect, not hot, not cold. The grass is green. The flowers are beginning to bloom. It's the perfect time for friends and bbq on the back porch. And of course, it's my anniversary month. This year we celebrated Seven Years. It seems at each click of another anniversary I am bound to the thought that life can't ever be better than this. Being with someone through all that comes in the mystery of life is more goodness than anyone deserves.


Anonymous said...

It's probably illegal picking it here too... unless it's 100 ft. + from a road/sidewalk/trail etc. I'm not sure of the distance, but it's illegal to pick anything in OR unless it's so far away. Criminals!

Flo Oakes said...

You are so adorable, both of you.
I love you both.

meg said...

whoever anonymous is, just so you know, it was way away from a trail, focus on the love, not the -possible- crime.

elixir said...

Yea! You are my favorite california girl...and well, my favorite californian. Congratulations on seven years and I wish you another seven time seven as free of itching.

sufferingsummer said...

you and andy were made for each is lovely to see it progress and flourish beyond expectations, I feel the same way, every year surprised at the better than i ever thought it would be feeling. Glad to have known you through at least 5 of the 7 and hope to be cheering on the next...well...lifetime of years to come.

meg said...

marianne - andy is going to cry if he reads your comment. and the funny thing about itching??? I developed a terrible rash a couple of months ago only on my left hand ring finger and I couldn't wear my wedding ring for almost 2 months!

summer - thanks for the sweet thoughts. you two are just slightly ahead of us in the years and it's been a joy to see your life change over the past 5 years too.

elixir said...

I know, I thought about Andy when I declared you my favorite Californian. He's a very close second (and then of course the Johnstons)...but come on, he just recently told me I was dead to him!
Your 7 year itch is quite comical. More proof God has a sense of humor.

Jen said...

Do you guys still have all your letters from when you were in Austrailia(sp)?

What's up with the feet pictures?? Andy, I love you, but your feet are as ugly as T.J's. I guess it's a Weber thing.

meg said...

jen - yes, we do have all our letters. the tough thing is the emails. andy printed them all out and the stack is huge! I always had the idea to put them in a giant book, but honestly i don't know if it will ever happen.

i do love the love letters though!

the lady said...

Um. your feet are so much the same shape even tho different sizes. wow that is really amazing and special. I am glad you are so much in love. and ONE.