Tuesday, January 15, 2008

fit for a king

Today was a day I never expected to have for a long, long time. We drove around with a Realtor and looked at houses...that were for sale...that we could buy and move in to.

It was weird. Surreal. Unbelievable.

Now, I didn't get my heart set on one or anything, cause that wasn't the point of the driving around and poking around in people's houses. The point was to see what's out there, to envision my future living in a house. And that's what we did.

And then we got a call. From our Realtor. It went a little like this...

"You know that house that was in your price range? Yeah, well the seller's realtor called me and asked if you guys were at all interested. She told me that the sellers are really motivated to sell because....."

It went on with more Realtor talk and fancy industry verbiage, and then she said this, "so I don't want to freak you out, but, do you want to talk about putting in a low offer?"

Wait! On a house! You mean, like to buy it!

So that's where we're at. Talking to a lender in the morning. Thinking about what it would be like, if we should do it, if we could do it. And it's been that kinda day. The kind of day I never thought I'd have.


Teal said...

exciting times!

keep us posted!

Bethany said...

:D Real estate is fun! (Buying, I mean, not...not as a job. Sorry, Daddy.)

Andy said...

Wow. That's awesome! I hope it rocks. Be very careful about loan rates & terms. And find out how bad your closing costs are going to be...all that stuff you know, watch your backside! And good luck!

But what would you do if you guys were more than a wall away from Toby?

..sleep easier? ;p

sufferingsummer said...

congrats and how exciting! Hope you find something that fits you just right. And happy belated birthday to:)

Jen said...

Hey cool! How exciting... I can't wait to see the place you guys will call home.

Beth said...

That's so exciting! Wow that really is so great, I hope it goes well, and if not I am glad this day was so fun! Also...what are you doing this weekend? Anytime free?