Sunday, January 20, 2008

WE'RE not MOVING right now

so a bit of an a clarification of sorts. we haven't bought a house, we're not rushing into it, so don't expect to hear that we're moving next weekend or anything. But the true real news is that we're in the process of realizing that we actually can buy a house. And that is really something I never expected. At least not in this stage of life.

We've looked at a ton of houses and there are a couple of real possibilities, but as of right now, I'm not getting super jazzed about any of them, cause, neither one is ours yet and I don't want to get disappointed if it doesn't work out.

News will continue to follow.

Little Mister is here visiting us, with his kick ass mom and dad, so pictures and more to come.


Jen said...

I'm commenting from your house! Whoooo-hooooooo! Life is wild.

Beth said...

well thats great still! I can imagine how exciting that would be.
Let me know when YOU are free and we can play games! And make food maybe. and hang out.
Have a good week.

Andy said...

I'm commenting from my own house.
I finally got around to rss-ing people, so hopefully I'll be more on the ball.
I hope your house has a moat, so we can play games with the drawbridge.

Anonymous said...


Bethany said...

For. Real.

Anonymous said...

wherefore art thou?