Sunday, May 25, 2008

and takin names

Last night kicked so many asses I can't even begin.
Shout to OMB for kicking ass at the recital.
Props to all the ladies keeping me out till 4:00am.
Big time moment for Science, radio play and a live hour long interview, insane show at BF and the gearing up for next friday's huge show at Agate Hall, man they kicked ass all over this f***ing town.
Kicking more ass then anyone though was my girl Jessa. Happy freaking birthday!

I just finished some insane yard work and I'm ready for a break. Do not fret. There will be more from me, I don't shut up easily.

Oh, ya and Shannon, if you're out there, say so!


Shayk said...

Here I am! Enjoy your blog...good job on the yard work we're tackling ours tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like someone set up shop and wrecked the motherfucker down up on in something!

Shart, I forget to try and find the radio station online...Andy said the station might post it on their myspace page or something - can you link it from here when it goes up? (Or email, whatevers).

Andrew said...

Wait a second, no one kicks more ass than Science Heroes. They are like my favorite band!

meg said...

the Baker's Ball Show hasn't yet posted the interview, god only knows if they ever will. I'll keep you posted.

thanks for saying Hey shayk!

Science said...

Sadly, I have received word that our greatest fear is in fact founded: there was no recording made of the broadcast. Alas, our interview has been lost to the airwaves, never to be heard again.