Monday, May 26, 2008

200th Post contest

Sorry, let me explain, it isn't my 200th post and I'm not having a contest, although, when I get there, I'll be compelled now to figure one out. No, in fact it is someone else's 200th post. And so, in a belated attempt to win a prize that has already been won I am posting the following series of photographs and inspired writing because of this post

It holds a memory, a moment in time when each person that stepped down that long alley way felt rebellious, adventurous, inspired, or grossed out. Whatever the feeling they had, whatever the action they took, in so many ways, these walls speak.

The brick that lays beneath holds tales from long ago, when the dust from the dirt road and the tumbleweeds blew through. But the only tales the bricks tell today are tales from more recent years, from before it got it's name.

I wonder who was the first? What was the reason? Or perhaps more importantly, who was the second? for that is the person that I think made it what it is today.

I don't know what compels me to be a part of what has happened here, but as I stand in between the two walls, I am sad that I am not chewing gum.


Josh (the oak) said...

That green piece was mine!

Marianne Elixir said...

Yea! Thanks for posting. I love it. Which pic should I paint?

What is it with gum walls? We were at Seaside yesterday and they have a gum pole. Seattle's is in a similar alley to this - but with WAY less gum.

meg said...

oak. i knew it.

elixir, i'd love to see the last has so many colors and stretchy pieces..i love it!

andy's so grossed out, he's gagging right now :)

Anonymous said...

I always failed to get the gum thing and thought it was just plain nasty.

I guess it is nice that people can turn trash into a tourist attraction...

Anonymous said...

when i walk anywhere near it i feel like i need to at the very least wash my hands... thanks for bringing me to a new place... i can think about the dust, wind and tumbleweeds and the person that thought... hey, this would be a good place for an alley. mumsie