Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a weekend without work

We're going to California in a couple of weeks. Sooo...look for photos of that soon. Also, pretty much all of our friends are going to be out of town for a month in Germany, so if you're around and my friend come over so I don't feel like I'm alone all the freaking time. And then there's the little thing I do called, "my work." Ya. Just so you know. It's pretty much kicking ass right now and I don't have time for anything else, like sleep, or working out, or anything, except that I had last weekend off. Completely. From Friday night all through Sunday.
I know.

So what did we do? Partied like only Science Heroes can! Actually. Science was in Salem on Friday playing a show and that meant I was home alone. All night. And then into the next day. Ya. Um. Did I ever mention how my neighbors are terrifying? Well. At night, it's worse, I know right? Who would of thought?

So. Friday night, home alone. I worked on my art space in the garage. Sooo...that, on Saturday I could paint! It was a tremendous, long awaited, glorious experience. I'm not done yet with any of the pieces. But, when I am I'll post some fancy photos for ya'll.

Saturday night...Heroic Science at WOW Hall.

It. Was. Epic.

More to come on all this.
tired. sleepy. want to get up early and...dare she say it?...go on a RUN...


Anonymous said...

Awww, we'd love to visit! Except we're packing this weekend so we can hopefully move the next....so yeah, maybe like, next year some time :P.

All this talk of California makes me miss In'N'Out.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about the weirdass neighbors, we had a pretty odd set ourselves for a while.

Remember the methheads or whatever?? Calling the cops on beating sounds is never fun.

Beth said...

yeah, sorry about staying the night alone next to creepy neighbours! That sucks!
Have you found someone to housesit for you yet?
And we should try to do something before we go to Germany, but if not, no big deal.

Science Heroes said...

Just a small matter of Scientific accuracy--we played PORTLAND on Friday and Salem on the previous Monday... you know, wouldn't want to confuse future rock historians.

Jen said...

We are looking forward to seeing you guys in Ca! Can you believe it's been 2 years?

meg said...

oh geez science, sooorrrryyy!

and Jen...crazy, I can't believe it's been 2 years. It seems like everything has changed! I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Yikes on the neighbors!
I can't wait for you to get here! and I can't wait to come up there just a few weeks later!
It was GREAT to hear about your work and etc on the phone. The longest we have been able to talk in awhile. nice~
love you, mum

Anna Ingalls said...

WOAH! wait a sec, you are coming to cali?! Any time for a dinner or a breakfast, heck even a lunch? We'll buy! We'd love to see you guys.

Anonymous said...

Um...when are you headed THIS way? We miss you guys!

meg said...

oh anna! We're so bummed we won't get to see you. We're only here for 2 days and up in Paso. We might go to in-and-out for lunch on Monday though, so if it worked we could call you...no promises! but call us if you're around.