Saturday, April 25, 2009

Being mean to people you like.

Sarah tagged me for a cruel, cruel meme.

Take a picture of yourself RIGHT cheating, no makeup, no hair fixin, no extra primping....just as you are.

I saw the same meme posted on Marianne's blog a bit ago and she didn't tag anyone, she just said, do it if you want, or something like that. And I was all, ha, I'm off the hook. Then Sarah got me. Dang.

Here ya go.

Don't I look thrilled?

Now for the best part. I tag



sufferingsummer said...

um yeah, at least you look adorable and awake. I got hit first thing in the morning before I even woke up enough to hide behind my glasses. Cruel indeed.

meg said...

haha, yeah well, awake sure, there was an americano in my left hand, but I still can't say I was thrilled. Man, peer pressure's a tough cookie.

Sarah said...

Whatev. You look mahhhvelous as usual :)

Happy Girl said...

OK, I'll play - go see my blog.... arrrrggghhhhh - !

Trespasser said...

Pretty ladies don't need any primping, do they, pretty lady?

RC said...

that's a pretty fun idea for a meme -- thanks for your comment on strangeculture! glad you're reading :-)