Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm a liar

A big 'ol bold faced liar. Well. Not intentionally, but frankly, if you read my last post and then noticed there haven't been any additional posts for over 2 weeks, then you'd assume I'm a liar.

I didn't post anything about our trip south. I apologize.
At first it was mostly because internet service was slow and even my cell service was spotty so tweets became unheard of, I practically fell off the cyperspace radar system. But frankly, I didn't mind it one bit. It took me back to the days when people left you a message on your home machine if you didn't answer, and they patiently waited for you to return their call. Or your friends found out about your trip because you all sat around the table at Taco Bell and showed them the glossy prints from Thrifty's photo center. These were simpler days, days when you enjoyed being with the people that are present in the room with you.

Since returning to the land of connectivity, I've practically slowed my net-interactions to a turtle's pace. No one needs to know everything, and they especially don't need to know it now.
Better yet, I've taken time to talk to the people that live in my town and invest in people 'on the web' with a more personal approach...less writing to the masses and more writing to one person. Thus, this blog has stayed pretty silent. But, it all still has a place in my life - as is obvious by this post - and I won't be deleting my twitter or FB accounts anytime soon. But I'm learning not to make any grandiose promises about my behavior online.


sufferingsummer said...

I recently was off line for a week. My computer died and we had to figure out an alternative which, with no money took some creative thinking and a bit of begging...anyway my point is I too enjoyed my time away and it definitely made me take a step back and enjoy my offline life a little more.
I miss those glossy prints and real life conversations...we are working on getting back to them round these parts ;)

meg said...

I need to get back into printing out photos...and taking more that I'd like to print too ;-)

k.elizabeth w. said...

oh yes, the simpler we had a full system crash up here because someone in washington bored through a fiber optic cable and knocked out all phone and internet lines. i got to be the old time reporter short of a fedora and a flask of whiskey in the top drawer of my desk (i have no desk drawers). it was fun and invigorating and i'd love to live that way all the glorious time. hey lets hang out in human when i get back to eugene?

meg said...

I used to say that I'd love to live in the country and live a simple life as long as I still had high speed internet, but now that I've had this recent experience, I think it would be possible to go all the way and just live without any of it. Maybe one day we'll all be off the grid, both in sustainability and in technology. (But running water and electricity can stay, right?)

Anonymous said...

email me your address and I will burn you a copy of the pictures I took while we were all in Cali together. Madi told me to tell ALL of you "Hi"