Sunday, August 9, 2009

If only I was there right now

We've been busy lately, obviously, and there are a lot of things, yes, things (that's as detailed as it's going to get) going on. We are on our way to California next week. And I can guarantee there will be tons of twitter updates, FB photo uploads and perhaps a slue of picture heavy blogs to come.

For the most part, we'll be camped out at Andy's parents house on the hill, enjoying some San Miguel heat and family fun for a week, yes, a week. I'm looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing, so if you're around, come out and visit me. Most likely I'll be in the pool, lounging with a book, taking a nap, eating something, or playing Wii with 10 little kids and their parents, along with doing 'nothing'. It's going to be a blast.

We aren't checking bags, just carrying on, so I've been planning my suitcase packing for some time now. Luckily, with my hair short, the supplies I'll need can be at a minimum, plus I'll be bringing lots of bobby pins and headbands to make it easier. Shoes are the one things that always cause a hic-up in packing light for me. I'm trying to figure out if I can sneak a pair into Andy's bag somewhere.

One nice thing about traveling with a man is that it's very likely he won't utilize his 1-quart size bag of liquids, so I can put manly looking bottles in his carry-on that are filled with girly items.

I'm very happy in the difficult yet necessary task of choosing what books to bring along for the trip as well. So far I think I'll be able to keep it at a minimum. One long form novel (thanks Heidi!), and one book of short stories from the most amazing female writer of all time. I'll pick up 2 magazines in the airport, a tradition - Nylon and People or US Weekly whichever looks more intriguing, and I'll be set with every possible reading need met.

Here's to 3 flights from Eugene to SLO with carryon baggage only, airport food for breakfast and lunch, and a purse filled with things to occupy. At least it's summertime so I'll be able to wear easy shoes to take off and put on, which coincidentally would have taken up the most room in my bag, so double score.


Melanie said...

We have done the carry-on only thing several times now. I always use Brian's quart bag, and yes, shoes are always the trickiest part of fitting!

Looks like you have some good books for the flight. I liked what I read of Mystery & Manners, although I haven't been able to find my copy since we moved... maybe it ended up in a box that stayed in Oregon.

Anonymous said...

The kids kept asking to play Mario Party. I almost bought it.