Friday, October 23, 2009

No I'm not warm enough.

All of these beautiful women I know, and some that I don't, are posting a week's worth of Fall Fashion. They are adorable and so fun to check out.

Here's a few that I've been spying on.

Emery @ Mom's are for everyone
Mama Bird @ Three Birds.
Jilian Dee @ Jilian Dee & Dexter too!
Amanda @ Lullabies to Terrorize.
Marianne & Baby Penny @ Ancora Imparo
Indy & Summer @ a shot in the dark.
Mrs. Boo Radley @ just like camping.
sarah @ the banshee tree

Meanwhile. My clothes are stretching to fit over my growing tummy and many items in my wardrobe are becoming impractical. It was so cold last night that I went to the coat closet to get out a heavy jacket and realized that none of my winter coats are going to fit me this year. None. This whole growing belly thing is going to be a real challenge come the really cold days. Also, my leggings, that I wear all the time under everything when it's cold, finally ripped to the degree that they're no longer 'leggings'. Does anyone have ideas that will help keep my tummy warm through the winter?

And, here's a photo of the first ever booties I knit for Ant. He'll be totally warm after his exit from the belly. I emphatically apologize for the gross quality of these photos, but the iphone is the simplest, quickest way to take and post photos of random things like baby booties.

And, here's the next pair I'm working on, in a soft gray.

Annnd, I'm off to knit.


sufferingsummer said...

With Indy I was pregnant in Wisconsin in the dead of winter...and I gained almost 70llbs so I had a very hard time covering the belly. I just wore my winter coats open with a sweater underneath and always a maternity tank and a maternity shirt that did cover (gap makes a great number of long under ware like shirts that worked well for this) also I used a belly band on occasion on top of everything else...still sometimes my belly got a bit cold on long walks!
I knit baby booties last night too! do you have the pattern for these? they are way cuter than the one's I made:)

Sarah said...

Ooohhhh, heart melting over the booties!

meg said...

what's funny is that this photo doesn't do them justice, they are so adorable in person. And I'm even more sure they'll be adorable on Ant.

I'll post a blog with the instructions. and maybe take better photos while I'm at it.

Emery Jo said...

UGH. I remember the preggo coat dilemma well. I have a maternity coat just sitting in my closet being unused (obviously) that I would be totally willing to mail to you. Here's a pic of it:

(It zipped up around that belly no prob.)

email me if you want me to send it your way!

meg said...

emery - you're so sweet! I sent you an email from

Band of Brothers said...

i'm LOVIN the booties! SO cute. I wish I knew how to knit. One day...

meg said...

aw thanks. I just finished a couple of knit hats. I'll have to do a new post about them, they are so stinking cute!

Anonymous said...

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