Sunday, December 13, 2009

Baby countdown: weeks 24 & 25

**Updated Below**

We just reached week 26, but that photo will have to come later, here are more semi-decent week to week photos from my iphone:

24 weeks

25 weeks

At 25 weeks, I'm still slowly gaining a little less than a pound a week, and I'm 9 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight. If my calculations are correct, and I keep up this pace, by the time the baby comes I'll be less than 10 lbs over my pre-weight ...which will make me ecstatic. (I'd be lying if I said I didn't wish it were 5 lbs or better yet zero pounds, but I'll take what I can get, and if it's more that will be fine too, I guess.)

Along with all the wonderful verbal blessings I've received, which I think have more to do with the camera than with me, we have begun to receive practical blessings in the form of hand me downs.

So far we've been given:

- baby jogger
- co-sleeper
- an infant car seat (once little Mad grows out of it :-)
- a white crib (we only have to get the mattress!)
- moby wrap (in chocolate brown!)
- whole set of newborn cloth diapers
- cozy mint green sleeper
- 3 pairs of tiny jeans, a couple of striped onesies, and a pair of robeez

And I've been given:

- a motherhood winter jacket (from the generous Emery)
- a gift card to buy maternity pants and camies (thanks mom!)
- our ultrasound - gifts from both my mom and Andy's parents to pay for the drive to Portland and the cost of the ultrasound

I said we were blessed right?


After leaving the dear Marianne's house this afternoon, I walked away with one big and one huge box of little boy clothes...on loan to our Ant until he outgrows them or the Scrivner house needs them again :-)


Axon L. Parker said...

Isn't it amazing? We didn't buy anything for Rowan, and are just now having to buy him some clothes...the thing is, babies are just irresistible to buy for, as are first time mommies and daddies:)

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