Friday, January 1, 2010

A new me in the new year?

This baby thing is taking over my body.

29 weeks
- just barely on New Year's Eve

At 29 weeks I have exactly one more week of being 29. And then 30 weeks will arrive on my 30th, ehem, birthday. It's a sign, of what I don't know, but kind of amazing still.

One man that I haven't mentioned recently is my man. I don't want to bore anyone with all the mushy details, but no one could ever treat me better than he does. The details make him all that much more amazing, but they're mushy and lovey so I'll stop there. Just know, he's better than every other man on the planet. Hands down.

Christmas day in the snow (!) 28 weeks

Last night, New Year's Eve, after working from 8:30am till 8:15pm (with a break) and standing up at a party for hours, my baby belly started to feel big and heavy for the first time. I have tried binding three or four times over the last few weeks, after Marianne so graciously gave me hers to use, and I think it may have to become a more regular piece of my attire. I'm thinking that at least if I'm going to be up and about all day I should wear it to take the strain of my muscles. My only hesitation to wearing it all the time is that I feel like I'm taking away space from Ant and I don't know if that's fair to do to him this early.

In other news, we've officially applied for OHP (Oregon Health Plan) and have been told we will receive it, though the official word comes to us next week so I'm still a bit nervous. OHP will bring with it qualification for WIC, blood tests (including a glucose test for gestational diabetes), more midwife visits, and perhaps another ultrasound.

Which I hope will mean more Ant pictures to come, from the inside, not just the outside, something that makes me smile.


Happy Girl said...

If you are going to be 30... that means I am going to be 60 - I really cannot digest that very well... yikes!

Jen said...

I think he's going to be pretty hard to squish! Maybe if he starts wriggling more then you'll know? ... oh, but he'll probably be doing that anyway. Good luck with OHP.

meg said...

yep lady. we're all becoming old in our own way!

Jen - thanks for the well wishes. And I agree, I do think he's hard to squish, but you know, I'm still a little worry wart about things :-)

meg said...

correction: I don't think he's EASY to squish....ah, that would make me crazy if the other way was true.

mary said...

You look so pretty! Can't wait to see you guys later this month. I want to see Ant kick!!!

meg said...

aw thanks Mary. And don't worry, he's a little boxer.