Saturday, April 17, 2010

Commencing countdown

We had a tough couple of days this past week. I cried. Kind of a lot. At least for me.

The boy is growing, and thus, eating...every hour on the hour, for 30 to 45 minutes each time and then dozing for 15-20 before waking, with a dry diaper and crying until the next feeding started - meaning until I could whip it out and stick it in.

And then relief hit. Friday was a great day. He nursed for a good 20-25 minutes on each side and then slept...for real amounts of time - at least an hour, and then woke up happy, or slightly irritated cause of a wet diaper, he was awake and alert, nursed again like he'd done before and then hit dreamland. I felt spoiled.

Then last night he slept for just under 6 hours. The only trouble was it started right before 9pm, so we stayed up - obviously- and waiting for him to wake in a couple of hours before hitting dreamland ourselves. But time wore on and he didn't stir. I can't say I regret it though. I haven't cuddled with my husband on the couch without "something" between us in a really long time. I even fell asleep in his arms. A moment I will cherish as they are few and far between.

The tough times are only tough in the moment, and when they're over we're over it and on to the next moment. We're learning and adapting and hopefully becoming better parents every day. Rockford is amazing. We are so in love and blessed to have him in our care.

I can't believe he's been alive less than two weeks. He really is super.


Ashley said...

Those first two weeks were really tough for me. At about day 5, I just sat down on the toilet and bawled my eyes out while my husband stood by helplessly. After it was over I felt SO much better. But at the time I was feeling like a horrible mom because nursing wasn't working out, I couldn't keep her latched on correctly, and there was bleeding and pus involved. :-/ I hope your breastfeeding experience ends up being a good one. After
I finally let that go though, I was such a happier mom and Lucy was a happier baby because mealtime wasn't nearly as stressful anymore. I don't know why I felt the need to tell you this other than to say it's ok to be frustrated at times and it's ok to have a good cry. :) it sounds like you're managing well and though i've never met you I am rejoicing with you just the same!

Happy Girl said...

You are doing great - he is sounding more and more like your brother.... same eating pattern.... like always.

sufferingsummer said...

this sounds mighty familiar...indy ate for 45 min...each side..regularly until she was 6 months...and she was skinny so I let her and my milk just kept coming in every 15 min. or was crazy.
sounds like you are doing an awesome job of it!

mary said...

Good job, Mama! And I love his "power to the people" pose.