Saturday, April 3, 2010

April 3rd Pregnant and Updating

It's been a few days, and frankly the reason there's been no updates is cause there's been nothing to update. Really. Nothing. No contractions, no news. Just a whole lot of nothing.

Alright, technically we've been kind of just hasn't affected labor or anything.

After last friday's BPP and the knowledge that the boys head was down and engaged, but facing out to the right, we scheduled time with Anita to do some baby adjusting.

Basically, she pushed his head out of the pelvis and then we used gravity and some soft rocking of his body to help re-engage him...and it worked, pretty quickly too.

Then yesterday, Friday April 2nd, we went in for another BPP. This time the technician didn't exactly inspire confidence in any of us...for one she said she measured the baby's head smaller that it measured last week, and put his weight around 7 lbs...totally not possible at this stage. And don't worry, it's not as though he is shrinking, these ultrasounds are not accurate in anyone's book, the technicians make disclaimers throughout the exam about how it isn't accurate for determining gestation, weight or size in any way. But it left us with a few good bits of information.

1. He remains in a head down, engaged position
2. He is now facing my spine - a perfect birthing position
3. He passed the test's requirements for healthy and thriving
4. His heartbeat is strong
5. Amniotic fluid is at good levels

He didn't really move a ton for her, it was 8am and I was squishing him with a bladder full of 40 ounces of water so I don't blame him, but he's moving and shakin for me all the time so there's that.

We've done a lot of walking, up hills, around bends and in the pouring rain. I've tried to stay busy, which sometimes means taking naps and other times means going into work and gettin things done. The past 3 days I've actually felt really good, physically and emotionally. He will arrive when he's ready and it will be glorious and I will be awesome at it.

Stay tuned: Next up, a talk about INDUCTION

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Jen said...

Was there ever any question about you being awesome at birth? I'm sure you'll make the rest of us look bad. Cause you just rock at all things.
You know they say sex is a great way to help encourage labor. And once this baby comes you won't be able to do it for 6 weeks. You may not be feeling sexy, but I'm sure my bro in law thinks your still the hottest thing in the world.
love you both and can't wait to meet my nephew.