Friday, November 30, 2007

i've been erased.

myspacers beware!

I didn't do it myself. I didn't upload porn. I didn't burn a flag. I didn't do anything. But, the powers that be over in myspace land have found me guilty of some crime (still unknown to me) and have sentenced me to be banished.

this isn't a hoax. this isn't my doing. this is a travisty. really though, myspace was becoming dull. i didn't want to check it, I had to check it...but now that it's been taken away? I want it back!

what is sadder than sad though is that they aren't even giving me the courtesy "this profile no longer exists" they just deleted every comment I ever made or friend I ever met and called it a day.

I don't know what I'm going to do yet, I haven't decided. so...alas, what should I do?

blogger please stay good to me, in fact, I'll bake cookies if that will keep you appeased and on my side...


Teal said...

um. whoa. that's super weird!
have you contacted them about it yet?

sufferingsummer said...

That is so bizarre. I've been really bored with my space lately and have thought about ditching it as facebook has served me so much better but there are some people on myspace I just can't find anywhere else so I stay, I can't however imagine how frustrating it would be to have that choice taken from me. Hope you get it sorted soon...seems my top 12 is dwindling...first Camille, now you:(

miss jane said...

hey if cookies are involved!x

jenny moon said...

as a fellow friend-of-flo i'd like to say hi and extend my sarcastic sympathies re:the demise of your myspace...i started blogging here because myspace is sooooo lame for many reasons (one of which you are a victim of - damn you tom!), but i can't give it up either :(

meg said...

so thanks gals. now i'm back in the myspace world and it is good to be back, i contemplated not going back, but i have to say i'm glad i did...damn you tom indeed!