Friday, November 2, 2007

what have i gotten myself into?

I've begun a challenge that I think I'm up for. I have joined the great NANOWRIMO aka The National Novel Writing Month Challenge. I'd love for you all to keep me going and bug me about whether or not I'm writing...every least 1650 words. Yah. The challenge is to write 50,000 words beginning on November first and finishing on November 30th. Oh geez. Just writing this I'm getting anxiety.

Well. Wish me luck. What's life without a challenge? Boring. So here's to life, er, not living a boring life, or something like that.

Check up on me and see my progress at my site

p.s. guess who's being super supportive?


Beth said...

Yeah!! Thats awesome Meg! I will totally bug you about it a lot. And, Im guessing we ge to read the final product? If so, that is very exciting.

Jen said...

Wow. You rock! I'll bug you about it as well :)

meg said...

thanks ladies. that means a lot. as of right now i'm "behind" on my daily numbers, but it's okay, not to fear...I've been having to do some research around a couple of things...can't tell you it'd give away the ending...but it's slowed down my word count.
don't worry though. Tomorrow I predict record numbers!

Valerie said...

Good luck woman! This is awesome.

Teal said...

go meg!!


Beth (adopted daughter) said...

And damn! I did not know you had such a talent for writing!I read the first few thingd you wrote and I am impressed.
If I tried to write a novel, it woudl sound more like something a 3rd grader wrote.
So, good job! (And I hope your sickness, and mine too I guess, is all a part of the past now. I actually find mine kinda funny now) :)

Bethany said...

What's your daily average thus far?

meg said...

B - it's running in the low thousands. But...I missed i think 2 days of writing this week. life is taking up too much time to write : ) I'm planning a big push this weekend! I'm excited about it to. so thats good