Monday, November 12, 2007

Coming to a town near you!

*The following post was not written by the blog's author. But do not let that stop you from reading on. As you will see, it is worth it, quite informative and it completely affects this blog's author.
The following post first appeared here on the official Science Heroes myspace blog, but I thought instead of writing a blog on the subject in my own words, it was better told firsthand by the Hero himself.


Welcome to the first Science Heroes blog! (In my best Ira Glass voice) Our story today in three acts--Act one: Shows, in which you will find that just because you know where you're going on tour, doesn't mean you know WHERE. Act Two: Recording--a story about the greatest producer the U.S. ever lost to Norway. Act Three: Merchandise--"You like CD? See dese Science Heroes Buttons?"

Act One: Shows. You may have noticed a lot of question marks in our up coming shows listing. Well there's a good reason for that. Seth Roberts (of Watashi Wa fame) has been nice enough to help us plan a short California tour with his new band Lakes. The Schedule will be as follows:

Dec. 8th - Chico
Dec. 9th - Sacrimento
Dec. 10th - Fresno
Dec. 11th - San Luis Obispo
Dec. 12th - Ventura/LA
Dec. 13th - Ventura/LA

We don't know the names of the venues yet... and the reason for that is (I think) Seth's booking agent hasn't told him yet... but as soon as we know them we will post them. A few of our Oregon friends have already told us they will be in California during the tour and want to hit a couple of the shows. But if you are not going to be in California in December there is good news for you too--provided that you live in Eugene: On Decemeber 28th we will be playing at Luckey's and on January 17th we will be playing at Diablo's downtown lounge. I am waiting for more details from Luckey's but at Diablo's we will be playing with a local electronica band called Palm and (I believe) a solo electronica Artist called Mantis. The show starts at 10 p.m.; we go on at 12:30 a.m. Should be a good time.

Act Two: recording! We just finished a recording of our song "Starry Vaults Walts". It was produced and engineered by Mr. Ashley Stubbert. We just heard an unmastered version of the song on Saturday and it blew us away. We already new the song was good but Ashley made it great. He did a hell of a job--worth every penny and more. In fact we have already scheduled another date to go into the studio with him again before the tour. The plan is to have a nice two song EP-ish thing to sell on the tour... but that sounds like a the next category to me.

Final Category: Merchandise!!! Well, there is a lot of fun stuff in the works here. First we are ordering more of the ever popular Science Heroes buttons. Same four designs as before so, if we were out of your favorite one last time, you can pick it up for $0.50 at our next show... can't beat those prices. Also in the works are Science Heroes stickers and a few nifty projects being designed by our very own Josiah Martens (Science Journals anyone?). Should be fun! But most importantly, as I mentioned above, we are working on a CD. By that I don't just mean that we are recording a CD. I can't give away too many details just yet, but I can tell you that the packaging for each CD will be hand made by us. It's going to be really cool--so get psyched.

That's it from me; this is Andy Weber, signing off.


Science said...

Good post. Very informative.

Andy said...

Have a blast on tour cats! Cali misses you, at least, it's always telling me that it misses me, so I assume it misses you too.

But it could just be a lying trash whore of a state.

Andrew said...

I concur with science that this was a very informative post. I also concur with andy that California is a lying trash whore of a state. That's just how I feel.

Science said...

Well, shoot. The dates are Changing now. Hope that doesn't throw anyone off. Check in at our myspace page for updates. The address is: