Saturday, February 23, 2008

i'm not dead.

Forgive me. It has been more than a month since my last confession.

I did not mean to mislead the masses when I mentioned house buying. We have since not bought a house, but we have been majorly approved to buy one. And now my worrisome, pessimistic, and careful self is taking my sweet, sweet time in finding the place we want to live...and be in debt to.

A bit of a shout out...Congratulations to my dear friend Jeremy. Last night, or was it this morning? at 3:47 am, I got a text that he is engaged! I can't wait to hear the details.

And now a photo break.

Little Mister came to visit. So of course I have to give him a large showing. He's not only eating tags, he's eating a mashed up form. And, did I mention yet how insanely adorable he is? Well, shoot, you can see for yourself, but heck, isn't he adorable?

As usual we hung out with the entire family when Little Mister and his rents came to visit. And wouldn't you guess it? Little Mister laughs it up and steals everyones attention all weekend.

I confess, though it seems strange and a bit hard for most to believe. I love going to work. Even on Monday.

Pushplay's been busy, we have major events in the works and I'm excited about the coming year. It's not everyone that gets to not just go to work, but to love their work. I'm lucky. I know it, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

There's been talk of perhaps a Pushplay blog. It would be a real look behind the scenes of a production company. What we do, who we work with and what we make. It sounds fun to me, but I still pinch myself when I think of what I get to be involved with everyday. Would anyone be interested in that?

I at least think mini blog entries, with photos and videos and an insider perspective from all of us at Pushplay would be cool, even if I didn't work there. What do you think?

When I find my camera battery charger again, I'll start to take and post more photos.

Now for my 25 Hail Marys.


Margo said...

Hey,congratulations on your approval!!!

Bethany said...

Every blog online should include pictures of my nephew-son, Zephyr. I find it just makes me pay way more attention. To the pictures. I can't be sure what else was going on there. ...

Anonymous said...

Heyyyyyy that's my baby! (and by that I mean infant, not a term of affection for a female of consensual age).

Glad to see that you're still out and about in the blogosphere and whatnot.

PS Z is even more adorable now. Also much more mobile...

Good luck with the house hunt!

Valerie said...

Yes, go for the Pushplay blog. I'd be interested. And yes, he's hella cute.

Anonymous said...

Go Z!

I'd def read the Pushplay blog. I'm very interested in what your day at work is like!

Beth said...

"Now for my 25 Hail Marys"

haha, you are quite funny, Meg

meg said...

thanks all...I'm kind of excited about doing a Pushplay blog and if you are too than that's a majority rules moment!