Tuesday, June 3, 2008

takin it a day at a time...

New York, New York!!

So. I'm here, in New York and first thing I want to mention is that Bella you will never believe what I saw on the street tonight... 5 for $10 (!!) you were right!

I'd love to say that I bought all you you I heart NY t-shirts, but even at 2 bucks a piece...that's a lot of cotton.

I'm attempting to convey a day by day diary of sorts for ya'll and myself. Hope you enjoy!

Day 1 : Travel

We left Eugene, cold, rainy, and early and arrived in Portland around 8:30 am. Just before we pulled into Phil's (our sound tech) driveway, we received notice that our flight was delayed. Not to worry, it was only 25 minutes...but then when I called back the phone number we were a bit concerned. You see, the plane had been delayed do to some mechanical problems and I just don't think those kind of things get fixed within 25 minutes.

Eventually, after multiple texts from the airline saying the flight was delayed more and more, they canceled the flight altogether.

But not to fear! Instead of flying out at 11:30a.m in coach, we flew out at 1:35p.m in First Class.

Free drinks, at a barely reasonable drinking hour? not bad.

To our shagrin though, that put us arriving at JFK at 12:45 am EST.

...cab driver shinanigans when we continue
good night and good marrow.


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Jen said...

Hello Dork! Why aren't you stop by to see your nieces? Your so stinking close I could almost smell you!

Anonymous said...

Yay for NY?

meg said...

Jen - I know! but I couldn't, terrible I know, but it's work, work, work and then we're heading out. This trip has been such a whirlwind that I haven't had time to think. next time I'll plan it all out better. I swear.