Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What? So what if it's been like a year

It has been almost a month since my last confession, err blog. There's been family visiting and snow falling, Christmas decorating, and work, working. And yet. There hasn't been blogging. One thing making that sort of difficult is that Andy's computer took a dive and won't revive. And by dive I mean figuratively, and by die I mean it won't start anymore. So, we share mine...ours. And it makes it tough to do more than just check email or whatever.

But here I am. Writing a blog. He's at work. So that helps. Work. Yes, at night. I know. It's this new thing we're trying out, it's all about having enough money to pay the mortgage, which also translates into not seeing each other due to the working all the time thing.

A dear friend is coming into town for a visit later this week. I'm thrilled about it. Hopefully she'll make an appearance on the blog.

I've done some baking. Made a few little gifts, and prepared our presents for the nieces and nephews. But alas, Christmas is less about gifts this year as it's about time spent with people we love. Andy has to work on Christmas Eve. Suuuper lame. And supposedly he's working New Year's Eve too...Also suuper lame..

We did some awesome Pushplay Christmasy things this week. The little photos are a bit of a taste of what's to come...and Santa.

I've really enjoyed life this last month. Here's my list in no particular order, well ok, the order in which I type them and that's all:

1. Family Visit
2. snow
3. walking with Andy in the snow
4. dinner at Soriah's
5. Christmas music galore on a cd from McKenzie

How about you? Wanna make a list?

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