Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It takes a village

We had a night. The kind of night that doesn't include much sleep. We figured we'd slept from about 3:30-3:45 till about 5:30am. The sun doesn't look like it's going to make an appearance anytime soon.

Bella endured her second getting out of bed and walking with the walker while only putting pressure on one foot extravaganza since I've been here. Twice in the last 12 hours. Simply amazing. We're hoping she'll be able to get the catheter out soon, move out of the hospital, heal and get better damn it.

So I get the ice, call on the nurse for warm blankets from the "microwave", help to physically move her broken body from one position to the next. And I sit within a few feet in case she has another seizure spasm, or needs help in any other way. Someone else has been in my place all week, someone else will fill it later this morning. Apparently there are a lot of things that take a village.

It's been a long night. I am in awe of everyone that has stayed night after night or day after day. This family is tough. They are fighters. They are seriously a testament to love.

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sufferingsummer said...

I think a village is needed in the raising up of people...children and the injured, emotionally or physically. I'm so glad you are there to play a role in the raising up of one of the village. Maricel is blessed to have you just as we are all so blessed to have her.