Sunday, January 4, 2009

It has nothing to do with a new year but...

I click the words "new post" and imagine the tapping on the keyboard I'll make. And then it appears. The blank page before me, it begins to become a group of words squished together to form sentences that then become paragraphs. It hits me. There is so much to say, but nothing that I'm ready to say out loud. And so. I'll hit you with a few facts from the last couple of months in the format I am most fond of right now, a list.

1. Parents from both of our childhoods (mom, and mom and dad) came to visit for Thanksgiving.

2. I failed to complete NANOWRIMO, or at least I stopped after 2 weeks because I figured out that although the acronym seems to work for using the month of November as it's time frame, life actually frowns on the idea with the holiday and visitors taking precidence.

3. I blogged like twice at the Push This blog so that was kind of the same amount that I blogged here, but then I failed to blog a promised follow up blog, so that's on the list for monday.

4. Andy's computer crashed and won't start up anymore. So, we've been sharing my laptop, which I guess now is technically "our" laptop and I sorta blame that for the lack of blogging, and general lack of internet use in the last couple of months. I would really like to remedy this soon.

5. My birthday is this coming Thursday. It'll be my last drink of the devil's fruit for a while. I'm cleaning out my body and trying to get rid of the extra fat around my *commence general waving of the hands in a circular motion* this section.

Which leads me to 6. I ran today.
It was freezing. It made my lungs hurt when I breathed. But, the good thing about it being so damn cold was that I ran for longer than I'd scheduled to cause I didn't want to stop and get cold again. Which eventually I did, stop...and get cold again.

7. It snowed at our little house.

8. I sent out Christmas cards. If you didn't get one, it's either cause I don't have your address, or I ran out. Sorry.

9. I spent Christmas Eve, semi without Andy. He had to work. Ya. Lame.

10. We spent Christmas day with other orphaned friends in Eugene and enjoyed our time with them immensly.

11. I thought the kitty was lost forever, but it turned out she was just hiding in a bucket under the bed trying to stay warm.

12. I'm really into Ghost in the Shell right now

13. Andy bought me the most insane Christmas gift - he surprised me with a Chi

14. We bought him rain gear so he can ride the motorcycle again now. Although I still need to get a helmet, so if you know of one, or find one that you'd like to tell me about, I'd be happy if you did.

15. I finally hung some stuff in the Living Room utilizing our sweet "picture molding" Which means I had to learn to tie sick, never loosening knots in fishing line that the frames hang from little hooks on the molding. It was great. I love the internet. I feel like if you know the right questions to ask, you can learn almost anything.

16. I read the entire Twilight series.

17. I'm trying to knit my first hat

18. I missed being with our family this Christmas for some strange reason.

19. on thursday I'll begin my last year in my twenties.

20. I love my little house.

This is not a New Year's resolution or anything, but I'm trying to be more social, hang out with people a lot this year and invest in people the way I want to but always don't, or can't find the time to. I hope this blog is filled with more posts of musings, lists, discoveries, and pictures of things and people I love. This is going to be a year of calm goodness. That's what I think anyways. What's your year going to be?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you were slightly more active than us.
We were pretty much stuck indoors most of the holiday - not having chains, and having our long driveway blocked with tons of snow made that possible!

I did eventually shovel the driveway off...right before the rain washed most of it away.

I spend 2 or 3 hours trekking to a long bus wait to a Fred Meyers that had shoes one day, just so I could get some boots that would be OK in the snow. Man, I hope I find some other uses for them now!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Been wondering where you've been hiding...
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that. Glad you finally got a chi! Those puppies are amazing.
Hope to see you guys soon!

Trespasser said...

My two descriptors for the new year are "no regrets" and "zesty." The first one is easily applicable. The second is just fun to say.