Saturday, February 14, 2009

full price and worth it.

I paid something like 40 bucks for a new black zip up hoodie and I'm not bummed about it in the least. It's warm and doesn't have holes in it anywhere, and it isn't faded, and it's cuddly, and fits in a just right way. It's American Apparel and yes, there were pictures of practically naked people on the walls, but I don't care. I knew what I wanted and I knew where to get it and dammit this market isn't going to scare me into not ever buying something new, cause sometimes, new is better than old and this is one of those times.


Anonymous said...

Is that girl wearing a scarf for a shirt?

I'm sure it will look much classier on you ;).

travelin' nan said...

But did you get the pants?

meg said...

Fine Mess - yes, yes that's a scarf, tied ever so elegantly in the back with a bow.

Nan - alas, they were out of the pants, next time...want me to pick you up a pair?