Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things On My Mind

1. There are rumblings. Rumblings that the government's new bailout could bode well for home owners. I would totally love that.

2. My triceps and abs are sore from pilates. I'm happy about that and hope to god I can keep it up

3. Azure has totally been on my mind, like all the time

4. Today I saw my man's face on the phone when he was calling and I had this swell of something that made me really miss him and have this moment of like falling in love with him, with butterflies and the like. After 8 years that was so crazy to me.

5. I haven't run all week and I'm totally fine with it. (see #2)

6. We've been eating farm fresh eggs (free range, no hormones, from down the road) and I must admit I don't ever want to eat an egg from a place like this ever again

7. I have mixed feelings about the leaked audio tapes of Christian Bale's outburst on set. I still would like to have a few questions answered before I pass judgment, and also I'd like to actually hear the whole tape and not just the 5 seconds I heard followed by commentary. But the fact is the only reason I even care a little is cause I had a huge crush on him when I first saw Newsies. And I don't think he'll be returning my call anytime soon, so in the end, I don't care anymore.

8. I want to go visit Andy and Jen and little Mister. I'm kind of mad it hasn't worked out. There. I said it. I'm mad about it. I mean, it will kind of be the last time to make a memory of just the three of them cause little brother's about to make an appearance.

I mean look at this kid. He's a freakin delight.


Anonymous said...

Hey that's my kid. He sure does get around.

It sucks that you guys have such a wacky schedule now, but we do what we have to do :(.

I haven't done much in the running dept. either. I got a really nasty cold a while back, and haven't been excited about running in the Portland chill in a while.

I understand the butterflies thing :).

Sarah said...

I still have a crush on Christian Bale.