Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blatent Promotion

So it's been a little bit heavy, thick, drenched in existential realization on the blog recently and I thought it was time for a photo or two, cause everyone likes looking at pretty pictures right?

I recently became a photographer for an afternoon. Now I know all my real photographer friends may get offended by that statement, but I'm sorry, I love it. If I could, I might ask people to pay me to take their picture one day, but right now I have neither the time, nor the money to indulge in an expensive hobby. So anyways. I borrowed my friend's digital Canon slr and went to town in the basement of our favorite institution.

Here is a sneak preview of what I collaborated on with Science Heroes. To see more check out their blog, myspace, facebook, or better yet, the music section of a newspaper or magazine near you.



Anonymous said...

I like #2. Stances in #1 are a bit awkward.

#2 is good. Wait, did I say that?

Tucker said...

I can't look at the pics for very long. They remind me of how un-cool I am.

meg said...

A French - awkward how? I like it, but you prolly already knew that.

meg said...

Oh tucker - you just need better lighting.

sufferingsummer said...


Anonymous said...

Posture I guess? Looks more artificial and a little forced?