Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Part 1: The culture that surrounds religion

Recently I've found it difficult to talk about my christianity. I feel like every time I express how it is different from the christianity I grew up with people just say, 'oh, totally, me to' without so much as another thought.

One friend - you know who you are - asked us if we would consider being her kids' godparents...this heavy question was followed with the statement (correct me if I'm wrong) that out of the chrisitian beliefs they were both brought up with, or the culture they were used to associating with christianity, ours didn't seem the same, for lack of a better description. And obviously, they liked that.

Andy's the one that has the knowledge, the schooling, the terms and the philosopher reading under his belt. Me? I study slowly, listen intently, ask questions, and sometimes I simply trust and do that thing that's so overused in the culture - have faith.

I leave this post as part 1. I am leaving to go to a home group of sorts to watch 'Lord save us from your followers' I assume these thoughts were running through my head today because of the inevitable conversations that will happen tonight after we watch this documentary...but either way I think when I do come back I'll have much more to say on the christian culture subject. So, stay tuned??


Anonymous said...

Something like that, yes :). I'd say "more thought out"/"more rational", something like that maybe. I'm sure if I had a few drinks in me I could find something more eloquent.

I have to say that the web site for that documentary doesn't make it look particularly gripping...but I'm sure it's better than "The God Who Wasn't There" - wow, talk about amateur!

sufferingsummer said...

I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts. I find the internet a strange and frustrating place to try and talk about my own views on Christianity or Christian Culture at all. I do not identify myself with modern Christian culture in the least...though you probably already know that of me.
I do identify myself with those who existentially pursue understanding at all costs, even when it is painful and alienating. When I read what most "christians" have to say on other blogs I just get annoyed and wanna have a face to face conversation with them because I just keep hoping I'm misunderstanding internet speak. So that said. I'm looking forward to reading what you hash out here of your own perspective and I most likely will even agree with most of what you post but if I don't comment it is only because this format makes me a little crazy with this particular subject.
I give you much kudos for trying to express and process these subjects in this form and of course, as I've said before on many subjects, I look forward to one day having coffee and discussion face to face.