Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Dear Anonymous,

As of right now, my blog allows anonymous comments. With this comes great responsibility. And so, dear anonymous writers, please indicate who you are for the rest of us. How can I answer your questions or respond to your brilliant and often funny comments if I don't know who you are? And, if I do not know you in the real world, it's okay to comment, in fact I love it. I appreciate the views of others, but give the rest of us some indication as to who you are...like your name. Or if it's your first time commenting, then tell us all a little about how you found this blog, where you're from or some little detail about you. We'd appreciate it.

The Writer and Readers of Words for Eyes.

1 comment:

The Lady said...

OK OK I have to come clean. It's your MUM for one... but I am sure there must be others that are anon.
Hey I love these insights in your friendships and their offspring. Keep writing girlie girl, you are really good and always getting better .... xo