Saturday, June 16, 2007

you be the judge

So, my dear friend McKenzie saved me from an afternoon at home, by myself, laying on the couch watching "Dreamgirls." Or...wait, is that right?

It all began like this. After church on sunday, McKenzie asked if we wanted to go get lunch and hang out. So off we went to Cafe' Yumm. After a very delicious lunch, and quick visit with our neighbor (she works there), Andy headed off to band practice, or as we usually say...Andy headed off to Make Science.

McKenzie looked at me and said, "what are you going to do?"
I replied, "go home, curl up on the couch and watch "Dreamgirls."
McKenzie's eyes glimmered as he pondered, "You wouldn't want to come see a musical with me would you?"
"Oh, yes I would!" I blurted out.
"It's one of my student's performances" (McKenzie is a piano teacher by night.)
A little less enthusiastic, this time, I replied, "I'd still like to go. I love plays and musicals. And if anything, it'll be good for a laugh."

As the minutes passed and he told me more about it I realized this would not be a High School musical - which could actually not be so bad - or an elementary school musical - which would definitely be adorable and fun - but this was a Middle School musical.

My excitement was dwindling. But, I still wanted to go. The ticket was free after-all. And also, Andy was super jealous that we were going on a date.

On our way to the auditorium, McKenzie and I joked about the impossibility of the musical being more than an hour and a half, even if they did take a tiny intermission, and he thanked me again and again for giving up a little of my sunday afternoon.

In the director's notes she boasts, "you are watching over 75 of the over 200 students who auditioned....Whether you agree that paradise is wherever you loved ones are (Act 1 - "The Diary of Adam and Eve") OR we all have tough decisions to make in life (Act 2 - "The Lady or the Tiger") OR it is best to be yourself (Act 3 - "Passionella")..."

Alright, what?!?! These aren't 3 Acts, these are 3 different Plays!

I won't bore you with the details, but I will let you see and hear some of what we endured for THREE HOURS. Yes people, this lasted for three hours! In the words of McKenzie, "that was just ir-responsible of the director." I concur.

that's right, 75 student cast

the "tiger tamer" on the left is the student we came to see

passionella was a little too sexy for middle school...half way through this "ACT" the main character grew big boobs and some major junk in the trunk...seriously, this is middle school...not cool people.

she dazzled for the first few minutes...

...and then it fell apart


Anonymous said...

you had me in stitches..i love you xo

janey said...

that comment was from me...jus read i had put anon...erm i think not people!xo

Anonymous said...

absolutely ridiculous and sad. what is happening in the world... oh ya, it is falling apart. mum