Saturday, June 14, 2008

continuing where we left off

New York day 2, Part II

I'm sorry for being dramatic, but, come on! I've got to keep ya'll in suspense.

The stress of the day all came down to the fact that everyone on the west coast was eating a late lunch and everyone on the east coast were gearing down for the end of the day…like it was a Friday and the weekend was only a few short hours away

#4 Building Insurance
Let me preface this by saying one thing, George is amazing. He is a generous and insanely helpful man. This story should in no way reflect poorly on him. He is an exceptional human being and I have nothing but respect for him, he was continually a hero to us over the three days we were working for the client.

George did what we'd all like to do, he took a week off and went on vacation. The trouble came when he got back, it was today, our first full day in New York. He would normally check all the insurance information the moment a new one arrives...but, again he was on vacation when we sent ours in.

Well, after numerous phone calls back to our insurance agency, multiple attempts with fax machines on 3 different floors, running up and down flights of stairs and calls again and again with the building owners we had our building insurance...

and then George said, “you’ll need the freight elevator then, right?”
I, with trepidation, replied, Yes.
“You’ll need to be entered into work speed then…”
Oh shit. I have no idea what that means.

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