Friday, June 6, 2008

Taxi Love

New York, New shananagins

(a taste of taxi shots and behind
the scenes photos on location in NY)

Arrival at the airport brought more than just a new smell, it brought visual masterpieces and experiences that have to be written down.

When we finished getting all of our luggage off the belt, we realized there was no way we were getting everything out on our own so we "hired" a guy to help us with our luggage. He brought over a huge cart to help us get all out stuff up to ground the line for a taxi.

As we exited the doors it took me back to Indonesia, there were people everywhere, holding signs with people's name on them, pushing and pulling on the cart, yelling at us, "you need a car? you need a ride? I have a car? Where you going?" and on and on and on and on. We crossed the street and I stood in line for 45 minutes while the guys stood with our pile of luggage.

We eventually made it into the back of a taxi van and the ride we expected to be a quick and painless one was everything but...

Our cabby was...not an english speaker. When I walked up to the driver's side door to ask him to open the trunk for us he only reacted when I motioned to the trunk and then over to the guys standing by our ten huge bages, boxes, and cases...and when I say he, "reacted" what I mean is, he reached down began buttoning his pants. Yeah. These were the kind of jeans without a zipper, just like, 4 or 5 buttons, so when I say he began buttoning his pants, I don't mean like, oh he ate too much and undid the top button, I mean his pants were completely open as much as they possibly could be, ya...I sat in back, Phil sat up front.

On our way to the hotel the cab began to vear it's way into Manhattan, and although we would have loved to stay in Manhattan, we were actually going to Long Island. So after a little adjustment, we were on our way to Long Island...and ended up going the wrong way down one way streets again and again and again until we eventually landed at the hotel, safe and sound at two in the morning.

The view from my 7th floor window

I love it. For real.


Anonymous said...

That actually sounds kinda depressing so far. That view especially :(. Is that like..rooftops covered in trash or what?

I'm glad you're enjoying it though. Big times in the Big city!

Anonymous said...

I am having deja vu'.... i was there 35 yrs ago... it sounds the same,,, magnified. i hope macbeth happened and was worth it in everyway... love - mum p.s. it was great hearing your voice today!