Saturday, January 31, 2009

Betty Crocker Listen Closely

This post was going to be about how women don't need to buy pink tools or call Mike the plumber, or Joe the plumber (if you're more into politics than Desperate Housewives) just to fix a leaky kitchen faucet. But now it's going to be about how even very competent women need to have an extra set of hands around while they're fixing a leaky kitchen faucet.

Andy's at work. I went to the store and purchased the repair kit for my Delta kitchen faucet, I looked up the directions online and got to work taking apart the entire faucet and replacing the worn gaskets, springs, seals and such and then I had a very easy time putting it all back together again...until it came to the metal hose...the hose is the main reason why I love my kitchen faucet.

The sprayer and faucet are one so there isn't worry about having another fixture just to have the pull out spray action.

My faucet is the one on the left, the one on the right is the typical sprayer I was referring to.

But, for some really awesome reason I can't get the metal hose back through the neck of the faucet on my own. I need hands under the sink and hands on the faucet at the same time.

No matter how I contort I just don't have enough reach. Now when Andy comes home, instead of finding a none drippy faucet, he's going to find this:

Yeah. This is going to be good. The super good news is that once I get that second pair of hands on it, I'll be able to put everything back together in under a minute and I won't need any help from anyone. Then maybe I'll bake some bread just to help bring back the softer lady side I'm lacking at the moment. ummm bread baking sounds good...

In other news I'm heading out to the garage to set mouse traps. I didn't buy glue traps, I didn't buy little houses that they would go into and be alive in. I bought little houses that have a large amount of poison in them so that they'll go inside, and never come out. I don't care what anyone thinks either. They're destroying our things that we store out there and they have to die. The end.


Bella Art Girl said...

meg...i'll help with your faucet if you help me get really straight painted lines...just kidding...I love your escapades and they remind me of my more active fix-it-up days..carpe diem : )

Anonymous said...

Amen on the mice...kill the little buggers!
you are always so handy.... that is cool. xo

teal! said...

heh. i have such mixed feelings about the pink toolkits. I think they're utterly ridiculous, but then if it gets women to try to fix stuff on their own....

of course, i get much more conflicted and hyperventilatory about danica mckellar's "math doesn't suck: how to survive middle-school math without losing your mind or breaking a nail".
in fact, i think i feel my chest getting tight even as i write this.

heh. stopping now.