Tuesday, January 6, 2009

goodbye 2008. We will never forge...what huh, you wanna dance 2009? Okay, wait I think I was saying something....

I like the feeling of being "back". It's good to start the day with a run...we didn't today cause it was early to work instead, but tomorrow we will. I'm back calling people to hang out and stopping by to say, hey. I'm going back to knitting group tonight and beginning a new project which will hopefully become a gift for a new little man that will be joining little mister in a couple of months.

I'm back blogging, but that was obvious. So I'm back, back with another list for you, this one inspired by - er I mean stolen from - Jem and his blog found here

Things not invited back for 2009

1. Divorce
2. People leaving
3. house hunting
4. election related paraphernalia, or commercials, or rallies, or blogs, or news commentaries, or mass emails claiming this or that about one of the delegates, you get my disdain don't 'cha?
5. Celebrities buying- I mean adopting kids from Africa, what about China for a change? (Seriously, read through the linked article. It's got great quotes.)
6. Coffee breath at 3 in the afternoon
7. Stephanie Meyers lack of writing skills
8. the recession
9. my nephew getting bit on the face by a dog
10. blogs from women complaining about their husbands
11. clutter
12. oh, I almost forgot, World Hunger.
13. And...birthdays. Forget 'em. Who needs 'em, I'll just take the presents.

Also just so you know, I posted on the Push This Blog

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Anonymous said...

Not a big fan of anything you have up there. So, sounds good!

Might be hard to get people to part with gifts for no reason though...