Thursday, January 8, 2009


It was a nice day. Not fantastic, not, not fantastic. It was good. Better than some, but not worse than most. A few grand people made it better than it would have been and for that I'm so thankful. Andy did little things that makes me know how much he loves me. And now for my favorite thing. A list.

1. He cleaned the computer, wiped it down and made it white and clean again.
2. He made breakfast and coffee.
3. He cleaned the floors. I hate cleaning the floors. He picked up my things thrown about and vacuumed the floors.

It's the little things that make me know.

4. He came down to my work for the last hour I was there and sat at the desk across the way from me just to be there and work, cause I had been all alone in the office all day.
5. He unlocks my door and opens it for me before the rain soaks through my clothes.
6. He says, "come out here," so he can talk to me about my day while he makes a quick dinner for himself before heading to work.
7. He silently rolls down the window after he drops me off for dinner and gives me a kiss through it.
8. He calls when he's on his way home.

The day is looking up...even though it's just about over.

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Melanie said...

Very sweet. Brian does things like this too, and I love it. They're little things, but they make a big impression!

Good idea to make a list!