Sunday, May 31, 2009

All in a Matter of Hours

Saturday proved to be a full day that happened all around town. Which I love and haven't had in a while. It began with a trip to the Coffee House, right around the corner, which I hate going to on the weekend cause our weekday people aren't there and the service kind of sucks cause it's super busy but they have two of their least experienced people working. I'll never understand this phenomenon. I mean, obviously in basic principle I understand it, the best people pick the best schedules. I mean I'll never understand how an owner or operator can let this happen time and time again.

Then we landed over at our old apartment complex to move the last of our people outta there. Erik and Sara, the remaining Mr and Mrs Johnston. They moved out of Rivertown and into the loft at the Guet, as they have taken on the house manager positions along with another couple. It's a great space with some really good light, it just needs a few personal touches, which I am positive Sara will perform brilliantly. The amount of people that came out to help is proof already what a great fit they are for the job.

Science played a show at a new venue called "The Treehouse Venue". My favorite highlight from the night was when my husband typed a girl's number into his phone with his left hand in view so she would finally notice his wedding ring and leave him alone, it was so precious when he told me about it.

Then there's the venue. The venue was...interesting. The guy in charge, when asked if there were any rules, replied, "well a church is letting us use the space, so no F bombs"

But here's the funny part-ish, it wasn't just in a church, it was a church. Before the show a few things happened that force me to believe the latter. The guy in charged told the second in command to call more "youth leaders" because he thought the current turnout already warranted them to "need more adults". As far as I could tell, most of the people in the venue at the time were adults, but whatever, call in the Youth Leaders!

Then as Andy headed out from back stage, he accidentally walked in on a prayer circle. If this weren't evidence enough, perhaps the stacks of Relevant magazines or the Truth t-shirts tipped the scale for me. Or maybe it was the feeling I had being in the place. It was a church, a church with big money, as was proof by the decor, 3 flat screens hovering the stage, sound system, and leather couches.

Now don't read into this and think I hate churches (okay, I dislike churches for many of the reasons why this place rubbed me wrong). The thing I had such an issue with was the secrecy of it all. Why did they hide the fact that they were a Christian venue? Friends of ours looked up the venue online and said nothing gave the impression that they were anything other than a new club that was way out of the way. Why not state it to the band before the show when they clearly had been set up with an out? I don't understand the motivation. Or the point of it. It confuses me still.

I didn't stick around for the rest of the show. I knew one of the bands performing was a Christian band and I didn't think I was ready for what possibly could have happened during the performance. read: alter call

So I left and went over to a friends house for a belated dinner and a few choice laughs.

Even still, I'm puzzled.

Oh I almost forgot, at the friend's house a couple of guys were discussing potential band names, so I posted a tweet inquiring on some suggestions. Here's the responses:

The Windy Bloomers, Naked Plow, Audio Salve, Frisk the Spaniard, Radiohair, The Beepos,
chopstick lobotomy, Funk schwei, Helldorado, The Band.

All good for a laugh. Thanks peeps.

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Anonymous said...

Stealth mega-churches? Hmm. What will they think of next?

Hard to hide the choppers though.