Friday, May 29, 2009

It's Friday, right?

It's been a long week, but I feel like I only half accomplished a bunch of things. Plus, I don't have my laptop right now so I'm writing this from my phone. Which is weird.

I guess I just wanted to try it out, and now that I downloaded a trial app and I'm using it, I can't remember what I wanted to post an hour ago.

What are everyones weekend plans?
We are planning a date night tonight, which will include sushi- locals I need suggestions, I don't think we've eaten local sushi that wasn't from PC yet.
Tomorrow we're helping friends move and then Science might have a show (?)
The Sunday I'm excited to go to church for Jac's continuation on Romans, it's getting really good and by good I mean controvercial and even better, it's making me think and evaluate what I think I believe. I can't wait.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm "what I think I believe" - that's a loaded statement!

Why did you need an app for blogging - does the web browser not support blogger? I think I've posted blogs directly from my phone via the onboard browser before.

meg said...

"what I've been taught to believe" ? would that be better?

what I really meant is, I think I have a firm understanding of some things, but I'm still figuring this shit out, so, to be challenged is good, and right.

I don't neeed an app, an app just helps out sometimes with things, like landscape typewriter and other stuff.

sufferingsummer said...

seeing as I haven't been a local in 5 years! wow...I don't even know if the sushi place we used to go is still open. We went to is downtown, I can't remember the name of it but it is right around the corner from where the farmers market sets up and next to that art/gallery coffee shop that used to be the meeting place for everyone when we'd do the art walk...hmmm could I be more vague?
Also we used to go to this cute little place right next to the Buffalo Exchange on 5th that has a conveyor belt of sushi that was fun and a little less expensive but still yummy.

I think we'll be downloading Jack's talk next week...I do love that even though I've heard his take on Romans before he is always challenging with new angles and aspects.
Your weekend sounds fantastic. It is supposed to be in the 80's here...I think we are going to have a family date on Saturday somewhere away from crowds if Indy and I have any say in it.

Sarah said...

Likewise, I have no idea what you should do locally at this point. From this coast we continually crave McMenamins and Cafe Yumm but those are, I'm sure, standard for you. We ourselves are participating in a BBQ and some making stuff and we might attempt a church tomorrow morning.

Happy Girl said...

what i like is that God is so big I am constantly trying to figure him out... would love to hear your thoughts whenever you feel like a chat about it... if