Monday, May 25, 2009

She's down, no she's up.

No, no, wait, she's down.

If you've been following my twitter you'll know everything that's been going on with me lately and I don't think I'll have to give a play by play of my life. That's the great thing about tweets. It's a short, sweet way of talking about the day to day, without having to get out the laptop, listen to the fan kick on, and type word after word of the story.

What the blog is good for is the awesome details of stories that just have to be told and don't fit into 140 characters. Like this one.

We went on a walk. It was friday and it was gorgeous out and he suggested a walk. What he should have said was a hike. I didn't wear shoes for a hike, Nike running shoes, I wore shoes for a walk, converse. Converse and sweaty feet and hills and me apparently do not go hand in hand. I braved it out, got home a couple of hours later and applied two band aids, one to each little toe.

Flash forward.

It's saturday night. We have checked into our hotel, a lovely Hilton on SW 6th in Ptown, and we're headed out for sushi and sake before the concert. Obviously, I get out the iphone and find the perfect sushi location just 2 blocks from the lobby, then I figure out how to take public transportation from there over to the Roseland theater. I proceed to slip on my black wedges and head out the door.

Then the following events lead to two scraped knees, a concrete burned left forearm and elbow, and a sore ankle and neck.

1. The restaurant was closed. Not closed as in for the evening either, closed until further notice. Apparently the owners were not that happy with the state of the downtown area and the never ending construction and couldn't stay open while the city "figured it out". Sad, mostly cause I'd always meant to go, but hadn't been able to yet.

2. 5 1/2 blocks later we landed at another sushi joint. I was thoroughly happy.

3. Sake...x2 (no I wasn't drunk, I'm just saying it could have been a factor)

4. Four city blocks later we landed at a crosswalk. It was Burnside. (Yes, it happened on Burnside.) When we reached the curb the countdown had already begun, but we had just barley escaped one crazy lady who was kicking at cars and a few others were perched on the corner, eager for us to have to wait for the light, so we bolted.

We bolted across the street, and my wedges mixed with steps 1-4 and a big pothole in the middle of the sidewalk landed me in a very unattractive sudo-somersault in the middle of the street.

I fell-ish and almost recovered like five or six times before I landed. Luckily my dress, jacket, or face weren't cut open and I could walk away from the scene never to see the people that witnessed it ever again...that is except for my husband, my caring, helpful, loving husband who did nothing but pick me up and hold my arm as I limped to the other side of the street.

One last thing, there were no tears. I'm brave like that. Just ask my husband, the first thing I did was check to make sure I didn't ruin anything I was wearing, as long as I wasn't bleeding through, I figured I was good. And no, I will not wear more sensible shoes, it had nothing to do with the shoes I was wearing, and they are adorable.
Plus I couldn't wear running shoes, I just couldn't


Cheita said...

hot damn you guys are hot!

sufferingsummer said...

good call on the shoes...what's a little tumble here and there to look that fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Dayum. You cats are about to rob a bank.

Sounds like a good time was had by all!

Sarah said...

Totally support the cute shoe over sensible shoe choice.