Tuesday, September 25, 2007

i like short things.

I did something besides work, it took some time but, I read a brilliant book of short stories by author Meera Nair. All of the short stories, which I might just mention here are some of my favorite books to read, books of short stories that is because with life how it is, finding time to read one short story is easier than finding time to read one 250+ page book over the course of a month and having to re-read the last page again every time you pick it up because it's been so freaking long that you've forgotten what you've read. Or heck, the last time you read it was late and you drifted off to sleep and you turned the pages and looked at the words, but the story escaped you. Yeah. I like books of short stories. Any suggestions from you all out there?

So. "Video" was written by Meera Nair, a native of India and as you may imagine, each of her short stories in this collection are set in, unique to one another settings in, India, surrounded by Indian culture, and rich with details and insight. A warning to some, the Title Story deals with pornography. I just have to send out a tad bit of a disclaimer. I don't know who's reading this. But, please, do not be deterred because of this one subject. All of the stories in this book are amazing.

I borrowed it from the library, but I'm considering buying it for my bookshelf. I'll loan it out only after i write my name in it.

Unwittingly, I think I just wrote a "rave review" for this book. That was not my intention. Not because I didn't like it, on the contrary I really liked it. I just didn't want to blog a simple book review. Alas. I am sorry. I think that is all I have in me. I have no brain capacity to reflect on what I read and attribute my thoughts to that of fiction and life. It might also be because of the month I've had, it took me that long to read the 208 pages. Not a hard feat typically for me to accomplish in a day....and that brings me to my next blog about a book.

stay tuned. it's a juicy one.

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Andy said...

That name sounds familiar - there is an Indian director with a very similar name.

Good books are good...I've got 2 books on my "to-read" pile again, after reading nothing for several months. We'll see how long it takes me to get through them. I'm about halfway into The Undercover Economist now - and I've been at that point for a week now.