Monday, September 17, 2007

just thought I'd say...

my mum's in Africa, Kenya to be exact. It's now my time to live vicariously through her. I can't wait to see her pictures, share them with all of you and glow with pride in her accomplishments.

hooray lady. i love you.

*she's there with Life Water International
after over 25 years as a teacher and education director, she quit her job, moved to another city and took a job offer for the non-profit as their volunteer coordinator or as they call her "field trainer manager". she's in Africa experiencing first hand what Life Water's work is doing to help save lives. get involved. i'm going to. somehow, some way. but for now, just in case you didn't know ... i'm proud of my mum.


janey said...

i love that your mum is in oh so very rad!x

Andy said...

happy thoughts for her :).

Anonymous said...

Wow I AM IN Kenya!- who woulda ever thunk it?
i cannot wait to share it all. and i have to make a couple of corrections... that is 29 years in ECE and Lifewater is one word (my boss makes me correct that always!
love to my girlie girl and her hubby from her mum and his 2nd mum! xo