Sunday, September 30, 2007

a milestone moment

I accomplished something today that a year ago I probably would have said I would never do.
I ran. For thirty minutes. In the pouring rain.

you can't really tell, but this is us after we
got home today, soaked and feeling good.

Thanks a million to The Eugene Running Company and our personal favorite coach, Runner Jeff. Running Works!

I just bought the Nike+ for my ipod and I have to say, it was the best $24.95 I've spent in a long time. Not only does a nice lady encourage you throughout your run, she'll tell you your distance, time and mile pace, but then, at the end she'll let you know your final stats. And this is what has encouraged me to no end. The first time I finished a thirty minute run with the Nike+ I was amazed. I my mile pace was an average of 12:12 and I'd run 2.5 miles.

Okay. For all of you runner-athletes out there, don't laugh I haven't run since Junior High when I injured my knee, had surgery and was banned from all sports and running activities. So...for me...2.5 miles is HUGE. An average mile pace of 12:12 is amazing!
Today, after running and being soaked to the bone for the entire run, I was told by the nice lady that I had completed a new personal record. An average 12:09 mile pace. And, the first two miles I ran today were under 12 minutes. 11:40 to be exact. I don't feel bad at all that after 2 miles in the pouring ran, my mile time slipped - to a new personal best!
Bella ...I think I'm ready for that 3 mile run. I'm not worried anymore, I can do it.

Another benefit to running in the rain and through puddles? Clean -ish- shoes.


Teal said...

way to go meg! That's super awesome.

i had a lovely time out in the rain today too... though i was walking, and bundled up in many layers of wool. =)

Flo Oakes said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Running is awesome!

We are twins, because YESTERDAY I was BEGGING Josh for the Nike+.
I want it SOOOO bad.
I must have it.
Oh, and also, an armband for my Nano so I don't have to hold it like a sucker while I run.

Mike+ said...

congrats on the purchase and the determination. Nike+ is definitely a viral system.

now go over to and sign up for a real website to track your results! :)

Bella Art Girl said...

good job girl!! you inspire me...I'm going running today- probably in the rain - maybe Lily will bike ahead to inspire me and yes, I want to hook up with the nice Nano lady too!

sufferingsummer said...

Good for you both! That is a huge accomplishment. Someday I vow to run too but not until I figure out a way to stop pro-creating. That nike doo-hicky sounds like just the tool I'd need...

Amers said...

Although you have always resisted- I don't think that there is anything better then running in the rain, and although a little oppisite then you, I haven't run in hmmm.... about 7 years, maybe 6, I used to look forward to the rainy season to go for a run.