Tuesday, September 25, 2007

tunnels & spoons

i like my job. my only job. yes that's right. I got a raise at my second job, supposedly to get me to work more or stay longer, but I haven't been back since. it isn't my fault. i'm committed to pushplay first and foremost, pure and simple and heck, we've been busy. Not a day off, even on the weekend. so. you should all know that even though i'm busy and worked a lot of days without much breaks. i love it. i have one job. since i ditched out on the other one and it's pretty full time. oh and did i mention that i love it? well i do. i love it.

i had a day off on saturday. it was tough. really. it was. i kept thinking the phone would ring, or i should check my email. but instead of those things happening. I read a book. Yes, an entire book. Jen loaned it to me. So. it's been a long time coming but here come two, yes two book blogs.

here we are. tired. in love. and happy about life.

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Bella Art Girl said...

meg...been super busy but would love to connect and run...will email with more info.. ciao bella