Saturday, September 29, 2007

the truth about my husband...

Last night, as we lay in bed, I told my man about the last post I wrote and asked him to read it, cause I think it's a bit of a love letter from me to him. He mentioned that he doesn't think I tell the truth about him in my blog. I was appalled. How dare he call me a liar. I explained to him that, yes, it is true that I don't share all of the not so great details about him with the blogworld, but that that's okay. I've mentioned that our marriage isn't perfect right? I just don't think it's alright to bash on the man you love.

But, to be clear, and at the beckoning of my adorable husband, I'm going to share some things - that by the way I still think make him awesome - but that he thinks provide a clearer picture of who he is. So, as he is in the kitchen doing the dishes (geez he's such a jerk!) and I am sitting in the living room, warm cup of tea at my side (he made the tea, and put it in a small thermos so it wouldn't get cold, man he's so selfish!) I am going to get down and dirty and share his not so perfect qualities.

Last thing before I get when he does something - you'll see what I mean in a minute - less than "perfect" he now says, "put that in your blog!"

1. Last night he farted in the bed, and then he lifted the blankets and let it out into the room - the conversation went like this.
"did you fart?"
"Ya" - he then lifts the blanket
"AHH, it's gross." - I bury my face in my pillow
"Ahh, man that is gross"
"Is it gone? Eww, it got in my mouth!" - bury face in pillow, again
"Ha, put that in your blog!"
- uncontrollable laughter from me, mixed with gagging, tears running down my cheeks, and more laughter.
*I read this to him...we laughed and laughed about it all over again. he's my best friend.

2. as i mentioned in the last post, he still makes up cute names for me. earlier in the day, he was getting ready to take me to work and he said, "_______, you ready to go?" The blank space is for the new nickname he made up, just then on the spot. And, for the life of me, I can't remember what it was. I mentioned it to him last night and he couldn't remember either, it was one of those, In the Moment, kind of things.

Instead of leaving it at that, all sweet and endearing, he spent the rest of the night trying to remember the cute name. Here were some of his suggestions: stinky, and stinky butt, icky, funny face, booger, lamp,

3. he doesn't want to have kids, he likes us like this.
(he says he doesn't like kids and isn't that bad, but he does like kids and he'd be a great dad. we've just decided it's not right for us right now and so, again, this, in my eyes, isn't a bad quality in him.)

4. he plays video games in the bed at night when I'm going to sleep.
i have trouble falling asleep at night and i like the sound of something going on to distract me and so, he plays video games upstairs in the bedroom. He thinks this is a bad thing, i guess cause other girls would hate it. But I like it. It's like a movie playing, but one that I don't care about the characters or what happens next so it's easy for me to fall asleep.

Wait, this is supposed to be a list of bad things right? See how it just ends up working out the other way?

this is what he's doing right now.
409, paper towels and a chair.

I take the photo and he says, "you're not posting that are you? See this is what I mean, it's not like I do this all the time, or everyday. This is my point, this is why I don't think you're honest about me."

And, this is my point...he doesn't have to do it everyday. I've never said he does "this thing" or "that thing" everyday. The fact that he's doing it at all is more than a lot of women get. And yes, he doesn't do this everyday, but he does things like this for me everyday. You would get bored if I started that list. Cause it's not funny, it's just sweet, and loving, and probably boring, cause it's things like running slow so he stays next to me on a run, telling me to sit down and, "take it easy" for a little bit after I get home from work, folding the blanket I used last night on the couch and putting it away, or checking the tires on my bike before we go for a ride to make sure they're full.

But what was I thinking?!? He's a jerk. Selfish and all that. If this is him at his worst, then that's alright with me.
This was kindda fun. Maybe I'll start posting more things he does that make him not perfect. Cause they make me laugh and I like to laugh.


Andy said...

Man, I wish my endearing qualities were that annoying! No, wait, otherwayaround - I wish all my annoying qualities were that endearing! HAH, I can think straight.

elixir said...

This post made me laugh out loud. I had to share the fart conversation with Andrew, it was all too familiar. We're lucky to have such *jerks* for husbands.

Jen said...

T.J does the random nick names unfortunatly some time they stick, and the farting thing too! T.J says the only kids he likes are ours, and a few others! But what really got me was the pic of him cleaning the fan blades! I've never met a guy that was concerned about dusting the fan blades until T.J. T.J's response to my telling him all this was 'Well we are brothers'

Jennifer said...

Ah, flatulence. It truly does bring two people together. My Andy is very gassy. You know this. He farted the first night we kissed! I knew something was up when I thought, "Aw, he must be nervous!" instead of being disgusted :P

Bethany said...

Wow, you get a whole little bubble for the comment. That's nifty and I'm way too excited about it. The comment: I love this entry. After we got past the point where we'd try to take little quizzes to get us to communicate about things we didn't like that we might not be expressing (we may have been trying to trick ourselves into thinking something was so not wrong that wrong may have been around the corner - seriously, Dr Phil said to list five things we disliked or traits or whatever and we both got to two), Josh and I got to the part where we have a BFF couple with whom we can share the not-so-perfect things in safety and wonder why we end up not being mad but rather wanting to noogie each other. That was a long sentence, huh? So, yes, you should post more like this. It spreads the happy-to-be-boring bug around. :D

Bethany said...

Oh and tell Andy, Stinkypants is taken. Josh is a sweetheart, no?

meg said...

bethany - i mentioned it to him. next time we see each other, there's going to be a fight. so tell josh to start training.

Bethany said...

Funny how I hit him every time he calls me that and then want to see him fight for the trademark rights! Ah, the fickle me!

Valerie said...

Meg, I love this post. It made me laugh and wish that I could see you two to say hello!