Tuesday, December 4, 2007

a bit out of the ordinary.

I'm arriving in San Luis Obispo, CA on the train this friday afternoon.
I can't wait.

I have grand ideas of what a solo train ride from Oregon to California will be like, and come Saturday, I'm sure I'll be blogging about my true experience. But for now, I'm going to imagine the amazingly productive solidarity, the peaceful and serene landscape, and the uninterrupted novel reading...all while on a delightful 22 hour train ride.

Am I crazy for thinking this is a good idea? Has anyone else been on a long train ride and would like to share your experience? Or wait, maybe I don't want you to share...I can't decide. Did I mention that I haven't done anything on my own like this since I flew to Australia? Okay, so that was a big deal...but that's not a regular thing. I don't even go to movies by myself, or take trips places by myself. Oh geez. I'm insane aren't I?

In other news, I decided to decorate the house...with white lights, greenery and snowmen...I know, I know, I'm leaving for 10 days in December, but I couldn't leave the house cold and undecorated. Plus, when I get home and Christmas is a week away, I'm going to be so happy to smell the evergreen and sit under the flickering lights.


Bethany said...

Okay. I was going to say that I'm not so much the solo type person. Then I remembered that I went to Chicago by myself (for the entire trip), I've been to NY by myself at eighteen and used to do solo Amtrak regularly to see Jen and Andy in Santa Barbara. And I took it down to Del Rio, Texas to meet up with my girlfriend. SO, having done the long trip let me say: as a writer or reader, it IS heaven. It's the only time I ever wrote poetry (and believe me, I'm 100% not a poet), I listened to music the entire time, journaled and wrote wrote wrote. I also pretended I was someone else, on some dramatic journey to or away from a love. (I...was raised on old movies.) The only thing...and for me this isn't a bad thing... whatever the travel time is supposed to be. It will be one-third that time longer. Pretty much promise. My dad calls Amtrak the "slow boat to China". It's heavenly!!!
HAH! I HAVE been to the movies by myself! Breakin' All The Rules. Was the movie. Loved it. Own it.

Beth said...

That sounds really nice.
I am trying to think of what I did by myself.
I flew on planes by myself, does that count? And when I was flying to Argentina I got excited about reading on the plane, etc. But then the ride was too long and I felt jet lag. Flights are not as fun as train rides.
But it does sound very very lovely and I hope you have a nice peaceful ride.
ps. I think I'm spending Christmas at the cabin, too, at least thats what Erik and Sara said. So I'll see you there if not before :)

Jen said...

I used to take the train all the time from Sacramento to Santa Barbara and back again. It was a long 12 hour trip, sometimes longer. Bethany speaks the truth...someway, somehow, Amtrak finds a way to fall behind schedule. Oh, Amtrak! I remember you well. There were a lot of books, a lot of catnaps (waking up bewildered was fun, especially when you're not quite sure where you're at for the first couple of minutes), a lot of journal writing...maybe even some annoying conversations with strangers. Or! You could run into someone you know. Happened to me! Often!
It was always an adventure, but you will be really glad once you step off that platform! :)
Oh, and I have seen several movies alone. I prefer to go with Andy or have company of some sort, but if it's the kind of movie your Andy dislikes, it's really great to soak it all up on your own.
Enjoy SLO! Go to Dizzi or Therapy. I LOVE those stores!

meg said...

ladies, thank you.
i have to say, even though I just now received your comments - I was on a train for 23 hours - i am relieved to report that all was well and I loved it. Stay tuned for the details...

Andy said...

So how'd the ride go? We've talked about trying that.